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Intelligent and elegant.

Proven cash recycling performance with style.

The CM18 Evo is built upon the same CM18 platform banks and credit unions have relied on for years. This sleek machine includes an updated bill reader that more accurately detects counterfeits and significantly increases note acceptance which dramatically reduces transaction time.

The design presents a modern look and feel in your branch when paired with the CM18 Solo. The CM18 Evo frees your staff to deliver premium customer service by automatically counting, depositing and dispensing cash many times faster than a teller without human error.

Designed to adapt to a retail banking landscape that is in a constant state of change.

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ARCA CM18 Solo

Personal cash recycler.

The perfect solution when privacy matters.

The CM18 Solo is the only cash recycler on the market designed for an individual user. When you want to create a more private banking experience for your customers, the CM18 Solo is the perfect solution.

Having cash inventory secured right at their fingertips, means your sales staff can help relieve busy teller lines. Not only does this reduce wait times, it gives your sales staff the opportunity to connect with customers and slow down the branch visit to have conversations that generate revenue and improve customer service.

This innovative adaptation of the traditional cash recycler is built on the same proven, reliable cash recycling platform as our dual user machine.

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ARCA CM18 Solo+

Automate with ease.

Designed for the largest bank in the United States.

As ARCA’s most flexible recycler system, the CM18 Solo+ easily transitions to a variety of branch cash environments. The Solo+ adds a secure, locked teller cash drawer and pedestal base with rolled coin locker to a recycler. It’s designed for the individual user with additional functionality and adaptability.

Dual user TCRs are typically placed between two users and require removing existing teller dividers and renovating the teller counter. But the CM18 Solo+ can replace under counter steel without expensive physical modifications. It slides into the place of a teller drawer and coin locker for a quick cash recycler deployment.

Our innovative retrofit cash recycler is built on a proven, reliable cash recycling platform and geared towards the future of cash automation.

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ARCA Vero Edge

Ultimate capacity, speed and security.

The latest in cassette based technology.

The Vero Edge is our fastest, highest capacity recycler with continuous feed input to process even the largest transactions quickly. A quick count function lets you to replace bulky currency counters and the latest cassette technology reduces double picking errors.

Unparalleled security features address several key points of cash exposure in the branch and mitigating those risks. Cash inventory can be loaded and unloaded using a secured transfer cassette to minimize cash exposure in the branch. Sophisticated counterfeit detection separates suspect notes from all other bills. And the Vero Edge is capable of quick, unattended self-auditing which is perfect for verifying large deposits so discrepancies can be addressed early rather than at the end of the day.

Our unique offering to the cassette-based recycler market is geared towards the future of cash automation.

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