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Effectively managing currency levels is an important factor in improving a financial institution’s overall financial performance. This juggling act includes balancing expensive costs affiliated with insurance, labor, interest, transport and processing.

But does a currency manager have to just sit back and accept these expenses and let them devour profits? No! Stop the monotony of using spreadsheets to order your cash—OPTIMIZE your cash ordering with FTSI’s Currency Management Solution (CMS).

Transoft, Inc.—the leader in currency supply chain management software solutions for the banking industry—powers CMS. FTSI is now offering Transoft’s OptimizeCF tool to credit union and community bank clients! This software will streamline your cash ordering processes –reducing labor costs associated with management of the currency supply chain for your ATM or branch cash points.

Regardless of your approach—conservative or aggressive—CMS will help your financial institution reduce associated costs and maximize your cash availability by having “just the right amount” of cash on hand at all times based on each cash point’s demand.

CMS will increase the amount of control you have over your cash ordering. You’ll have the data of why your department should order what amount, rather than just ordering the same amount of cash every week regardless of actual demand.

These cost savings are evident regardless of the size of your institution and the number of cash points you manage. Plus, CMS will increase your cash availability and decrease the number of cash outs. Some banks have seen a 79% reduction in the number of cash outs! Lower cash in network will substantially decrease your insurance and interest costs. Now is the time to save!

Contact FTSI today to get a complete ROI snapshot of the impact that our Currency Management Solution will have on your business.

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