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Don’t you just love envelopes? Accidentally grabbing multiples. Forgetting your pen and crossing your fingers that the ATM gods will know how to process your deposit even without writing your details on your envelope? Oooh, and licking envelopes, gotta love that!

Wait! No?

You mean you don’t love using envelopes for your ATM deposits?! Well rest assured, times have changed and you don’t NEED envelopes for deposits anymore! With NCR’s Scalable Deposit Module (SDM) ATMs your customers can now deposit cash and checks without envelopes and in one transaction. Pretty sweet.

But you just bought a new ATM with envelopes? Not a problem! FTSI is offering SDM Upgrade Kits at substantial savings now through March 31, 2013! Save 20% off list price for upgrades to any NCR SelfServTM 30 series ATMs. This upgrade will streamline the transaction process for your customers, making them happy, every time!

Contact the sales team for more question on the limited-time promotional offer! Email today!

Check out the video teaser:
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