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Cost savings and reassurance: what more could you ask for?

Join FTSI’s upcoming webinar to learn how you can create significant recurring cost savings for your currency supply chain and gain peace of mind that your physical cash is being properly handled off-site.

Our Cash Solutions Webinar will introduce you to two new professional services:


Currency Management Solution

Due to economic demands and ever-changing central bank practices, the supply and demand for cash is more difficult to effectively optimize than almost any other supply chain. FTSI’s currency management services efficiently and cost-effectively handle all aspects of the complex currency management process. From the ATM and branch through to the vault and on to the central bank interactions—reduce your costs and increase your returns!

  • Adjust your cash deliveries to meet your actual demand—without risking averages or shortages—and reducing your holding costs
  • Reduce network cash by 20 – 45%
  • Grow your bottom line by reducing your non-earning assets, improving your revenue opportunities and your performance metrics


Vault Cash Verification

Outsourcing your cash processing and transportation? Then you know that accurate reporting of cash assets is critical.

Now, instead of relying solely upon armored service providers to provide accurate data regarding assets, financial institutions can enlist FTSI to perform an independent review of vault cash to assess the accuracy of third-party cash holdings.

This service will provide customers with assurance that their funds are being appropriately and accurately managed off-site.



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