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FTSI Announces New Professional Services Division For Credit Unions and Community Banks

Monrovia, California (January 19, 2012)— FTSI, the leader in independent, self-service technology solutions in the Western region, is debuting six new professional services for credit unions and community banks. These new services complement FTSI’s core competencies: ATM product sales, maintenance services and cash management. The new services, which offer financial institutions cost effective technology solutions that drive savings to the bottom line, have been developed based on FTSI’s industry expertise and fostering relationships with key partners.

Currency Management Solution
Due to economic and ever-changing regulatory demands, the currency supply chain is difficult to effectively optimize. FTSI’s Currency Management Solution eliminates the guessing with a fully automated system that correctly and accurately performs the complex process of predicting optimal cash load levels. Powered by Transoft, Inc., this service provides significant recurring cost savings for financial institutions—from ATM and branch, through to the vault and on to the central bank interactions. “The ability of OptimizeCFTM to anticipate and monitor cash demand, balance costs involved with the cash supply chain, and thus identify significant cash holdings and cost reductions will provide FTSI’s customers with state-of-the-art, network-wide ATM and branch cash management capability”, stated Bo H. Holmgreen, President & CEO of Transoft.

Vault Cash Verification
For financial institutions that outsource cash handling and transportation to armored carriers, accurate reporting of cash assets is critical when there is significant exposure should a loss of their cash in vault inventory occur. It’s not uncommon for busy community banks and credit unions to rely solely upon their armored service providers to provide accurate data regarding their assets. FTSI’s Vault Cash Verification service is an independent review to validate the accuracy of the reported balance of cash inventory, identify potential discrepancies and reduce the risk of cash loss.

ATM Marketing Hosted Solution
Through the support of NCR’s hosted services infrastructure, FTSI offers a hosted ATM marketing solution for delivering high-impact advertising campaigns. NCR APTRA software allows financial institutions to segment their ATM users in order to deliver the most relevant promotions and advertising. FTSI’s solution includes the design, authorship and content of the marketing messages displayed at the ATM for the end user. As a hosted service, financial institutions can take advantage of the lower capital expenditures, accelerated speed of deployment and increased efficiencies, while still meeting the highest requirements for application availability and IT security.

Check21 ATM Solution
With the growing shift to “Intelligent Deposit” ATMs, remote deposit capture is becoming more and more necessary for financial institutions to adopt. FTSI’s Check21 ATM Solution is software as a service that provides a unique and cost effective approach to processing ATM deposits. Fully customizable by each financial institution, this solution features superior risk management tools that can be used across multiple deposit channels

With the creation of the new Professional Services Division, FTSI now has the ability to address the top challenges faced by financial institutions in driving growth, reducing cost and managing risk by offering turn-key solutions through a single source. “We listened carefully to our customers and looked closely at the market to develop easy to implement, targeted solutions that take advantage of new technology and focus on saving our customers time and money, “ said FTSI CEO Susan Napier. “FTSI takes a consultative approach with all of our product and service offerings, providing tailored recommendations that are designed to deliver profitable programs for each customer.”

About FTSI (www.ftsius.com)
Based in Southern California, FTSI is the largest independent provider of ATM services for credit unions and community banks in the Western region. Connecting its clients with financial industry technologies since 1998, FTSI offers a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge ATM management and professional services solutions.

About Transoft
Transoft International, Inc. is the leading provider of currency supply chain management software solutions for the banking industry. Transoft products, OptiCash, OptiNet & OptiVault, have been developed by experienced cash management professionals to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all aspects of the complex cash management process. In use worldwide by banks, ATM networks and armoured car service providers, Transoft solutions are generating significant recurring cost savings for ATM, branch and vault networks. These savings are the direct result of applying sophisticated statistical analysis, as well as balancing of all cost components daily, to determine the best course of action. With Transoft a bank can automate cash forecasting, ordering, tracking, monitoring & more to optimize currency requirements and handling costs, drastically reducing expenses and improving operational efficiency.

About NCR Corporation
NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business. NCR’s assisted- and self-service solutions and comprehensive support services address the needs of retail, financial, travel, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, gaming, public sector, telecom carrier and equipment organizations in more than 100 countries. NCR (www.ncr.com) is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia.

About Ensenta
Ensenta makes image deposits simple. Ensenta’s web-based EZAdmin “back-office” provides about 250 financial institutions with a simple set of online processes to remotely capture, review and adjust check deposits and to create and send image cash letters to their item processors. Ensenta’s EZ Admin supports multiple deposit capture devices including 2,500 ATMs and Kiosks, as well as thousands of branch, consumer, business and mobile phone scanning devices. Ensenta’s Software-as-a-Service platform features a highly sophisticated Agile Risk Management engine where financial institutions can create their own custom risk policies.

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