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ATM FraudIn the past, threats to ATMs were physical ones that came from criminals blowing ATMS open with explosive gas or using vehicles to ram or steal them. While those threats still persist, more sophisticated attacks are on the rise from malware and cash trapping to data attacks and reprogramming by removable media.

The problem has gotten so serious that some financial institutions have stopped offering ATM service over holiday weekends since that is when ATMs have more cash stocked, but less machine monitoring. Card skimming alone, the process of using camouflaged counterfeit card readers at ATMs to steal account information, results in $2.4 Billion dollars lost each year and is only getting worse.

NCR estimates that an average of $1,000/YR is stolen per ATM unit.

That’s why FTSI proudly offers solutions to make your ATMs more secure and help stop these practices. New measures include:

  • SPS Detect System – Stops card skimming by jamming a card-swiper’s signal so criminals can’t get customer data
  • EMV Kernel Software and Card Reader – Uses cryptographic algorithms to read smart-card-based credit cards (rather than the less secure magnetic strip) and blocks card-swipers
  • Solidcore Suite for APTRA – A multivendor ATM software security system developed with McAfee that prohibits the introduction of unauthorized/malicious code in real-time

For more information on NCR’s Secure Package click here.

Additionally, FTSI can implement portrait cameras and other electronic security features to help deter fraud. For more information on FTSI’s Electronic Security features click here.

So in a landscape where mounting direct losses from fraud are being compounded with the costs of service downtime, IT compliance, and damage to your brand, the question is not can you afford to upgrade your ATM security, but can you afford not to?

For more information on FTSI’s Electronic Security features click here.

FTSI offers various security solutions to prevent ATM fraud from causing direct losses to your financial institution.
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