FTSI Partners with Digital Insight to Bring You the Omni-Channel Advantage

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The way customers interact with their financial institutions has shifted and the role of the physical branch is transforming. Today’s customers prefer to control interaction and transaction with a single touch, making it increasingly crucial to offer customers the omni-channel experience with an “anytime, anywhere” solution.

The omni-channel model delivers consistent customer experience across both physical and digital channels, including in-branch, ATM, online, mobile and social platforms. Financial institutions are truly able to meet the needs of their members whenever and wherever they are leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention, better engagement, and increased cross-selling capabilities.

omnichannel banking

FTSI is proud to partner with Digital Insight, an NCR company, to offer an innovative suite of digital banking services to complement our existing physical banking and branch transformation solutions.

Digital Insight is at the forefront of the omni-channel transformation helping financial institutions deliver a seamless and personalized banking experience across a variety of channels, including:

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile and Tablet Banking Apps
  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture for smartphones
  • Text Message Banking
  • Purchase Rewards
  • FinanceWorks

Then when customers enter the branch, they’ll be greeted
with familiar interfaces when they use products like:

For more information on FTSI’s Branch Transformation Solutions click here.  To learn more about the omni-channel advantage FTSI offers through Digital Insight, please contact your Sales Manager.

FTSI offers several branch transformation solutions for financial institutions to help maximize their profits and maintain positive customer satisfaction through the omni-channel advantage.
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