FTSI Wins NCR Global Innovation Award for North America for 2012!

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NCR 2012 Innovation Award 07-10-13 mediumFTSI was awarded NCR’s Global Innovation Award for North America for 2012. The award was presented to Susan Napier at NCR’s Interact 2013 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  FTSI continues to be recognized for its unique, collaborative and educational approach within the credit union and community bank industry.

NCR’s Global Innovation Award recognizes partners whose innovative ideas led to significant advances and improvements to their business. NCR greatly values these ideas–and the partners who create them—for their ability to drive revenue, grow market share and demonstrate the overall power of partnership with NCR.

FTSI won the award for developing creative marketing events to demonstrate NCR’s newest technology, including the APTRA Interactive Teller (AIT), to customers and prospects. FTSI also won the award for its highly successful and unique customer appreciation event held at the end of 2012. FTSI’s memorable marketing events were recognized by NCR for their ability to showcase cutting-edge technology while connecting with customers.

“While taking market share from the competition with NCR’s current SDM technology, FTSI provided customer education regarding APTRA Interactive Teller at their Customer Appreciation Event,” NCR described FTSI’s achievement. “Their creative marketing tenacity led to a $2.4M deal with a prominent credit union.”

The award recognized FTSI’s commitment to innovation, collaboration and education within the industry. In 2012, FTSI created a series of special events for customers to help build awareness of compliance and other important industry-wide issues, provide education and information on new technology.

FTSI’s President/CEO Susan Napier explained, “FTSI makes it a priority to inform and educate customers–not just sell to them. We are always sharing the latest information on industry advances, compliance issues and how new technology will change how our customers do business.”

One example of this collaboration in action was FTSI’s Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) event. FTSI hosted an insightful presentation and panel discussion on the challenges financial institutions face when implementing new initiatives while managing regulatory changes. Garry Stein of the CFPB and a diverse group of executives from credit unions and community banks across Southern California asked and answered questions and gave their perspective on the real-life challenges facing the banking industry today. This highly interactive panel gave their point of view on compliance, how regulations impact small and large institutions, and the ultimate impact on their service to members.

FTSI expanded this customer-focused approach during the first half of 2013 with a series of EMV webinars, technology demonstrations, FTSI-hosted briefing center visits and a major presence at the NCR Financial Innovation Roadshow in Seattle. The second half of 2013 promises to be ever more educational and collaborative with technology webinars and special events planned.

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