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Install Windows 7 Upgrades

All financial institutions planning to upgrade existing ATMs to Windows 7 must be aware of a new deadline from Microsoft. After April 30, 2014, manufacturers and resellers such as NCR and FTSI will no longer be able to sell Windows 7 upgrades.

According to NCR, “Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue all OEMs’ ability to sell Windows field upgrade licenses to their customers. This change has been imposed by Microsoft.”

After April, financial institutions that need upgrades will need to purchase them from Microsoft directly and will be responsible for their own product activation, security and support. For credit unions and community banks, this will require significant IT resources and will increase costs of operations significantly.

Ordering your required Windows 7 upgrade licenses before the April 30th, 2014 will allow you to:

    • Avoid any existing Windows 7 work being wasted;
    • Avoid the need to create and maintain your own Windows images;
    • Take advantage of bundled Security for APTRA products;
    • Avoid the need to manage Windows activation and reactivation;
    • Continue to receive Windows 7 support from NCR through to the end of its product lifecycle.

To ensure that your remain in compliance and unaffected by this change, please work with FTSI to have your licenses ordered before April, 30th, 2014. (If we receive your order by April 30, and your order ships before June 31, 2014, FTSI can continue support. Though the order has to be placed by April 30, 2014 you are not required to perform the upgrade immediately.)

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