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Static posters and billboards are a thing of the past. With customizable digital signage, you can tailor your message to whomever you want in real time! Imagine rolling out a unified campaign at all of your branches with the touch of a button. With FTSI’s Digital Signage, you can!

Digital Displays Capture Over 400% More Views than Static Displays 

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Digital Signage allows you to upload customized content that you can tailor to your customers depending on changes in your promotions, current events, or even the weather. You can easily design, schedule, and deploy your digital marketing and save while doing it.

With Digital Signage you can:

  • Target Millennials. 70% of 18-24 year olds have
    recall of digital signage they’ve seen.
  • Launch local, community-based campaigns.
  • Cut production costs by skipping printing and
    distributing marketing materials.
  • Reduce perceived wait times, deliver more
    targeted messaging, and initiate relationships.

And our easy-to-use, intuitive design means you can:

  • Monitor your media players’ network
    status and see what’s playing live.
  • Schedule where and when your messages play.
  • Preview your playlist and export it to other locations.
FTSI offers Digital Signage solutions for financial institutions that allows for content customization that can help increase sales and reduce costs.
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