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With the help of FTSI’s value-added solutions, Rivermark became the first community credit union in Oregon to offer interactive technology in its branches and has been receiving much community praise and industry buzz since debuting the changes. “This innovation fits perfectly with the great story people are learning about our community: that we are actively enhancing the economic vitality of our area.” said Shane Bemis, Mayor of Gresham.

rivermarkWith society becoming more dependent on technology to conduct business, it becomes increasingly important for companies to adopt newer methods that appeal to the changing culture. One of the ways that financial institutions are able to remain relevant to the needs of a technology-savvy clientele is in their ability to convey a transitional capacity of sorts. Providing adequate products and services that are convenient, user-friendly, and that allow for self-servicing options, translates to a company that is considerate of both the diversity and the demands of their clients. Rivermark Credit Union is such company!

“We know that the way our members interact with our branch staff is changing, and it was important for us to give our members the same personal service but with more flexible hours and greater access to our specialized expertise,” said Scott Burgess, President/CEO, Rivermark Community Credit Union.  “With our new Resource Centers, all of our branch staff will receive additional training so any employee can help our members with any request they may have. And with extended hours through Personal Teller Kiosks and online scheduling, our members will have the banking services they need at the time they need it.”

Earlier this year, Rivermark partnered with FTSI to establish a strategy that would allow the company to transition its branches into a more technology-driven environment. The goal for FTSI was to deliver an affordable solution that would help the company diversify and innovate the types of services it offered its members, while also allowing them to better utilize their staff to create exceptional personal banking experiences. Our collaboration with the Oregon-based company resulted in a very successful branch transformation that was revealed to the public on Nov 7, 2014. The signature branch, located in Gresham, features Live Personal Teller Kiosks, a Technology Bar, and a 11’ Digital Wall which is used to highlight the branches products and services, among other things. Members now enjoy access to a wealth of resources to help them conduct their banking transactions as well as gain valuable financial advice from the professional team of staff members.


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By partnering with FTSI, Rivermark received huge success in operational efficiency and customer experiences with their new Branch Transformation technology now available at their branch.
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