Vigilance helps thwart the “ATM Vigilantes”

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For the past year, financial institutions have been on edge, bracing for the deadline to comply with the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Well, March 15, 2012 has gone and past and the banking world is still here. However, there are many changes with the new standards that banks and credit unions need to be aware of and address in order to avoid lawsuits and other compliance problems.

FTSI has been at the forefront encouraging customers to pay attention to these changes and address any short-failings of their ATM fleets. One way to be vigilant is to regularly ensure your ATM fleet is up to par is through FTSI’s Standards and Compliance service. This service includes a comprehensive cleaning (who wants sticky goo on their fingers?) and an evaluation of the site for items including: light compliance, fee notifications, Braille stickers, headphone jack, damage to the fascia and surround, network logos and security check for items like card skimmers. Our field technicians are your eyes at the ATM and as our customer, your brand image at the ATM is our care and concern. Technicians take before and after images of each ATM at monthly Standards and Compliance visits. Depending on the service level, these images are uploaded to customers’ personal secure webpage for viewing. If any issues are found the customer is notified and FTSI will provide you with quotes to remedy the problem.

You’ve probably heard about the “ATM vigilante,” Don Anderson, who has sued 32 credit unions to date over the lack of compliant fee notices on ATMs. Credit Union Journal recently published the article ATM Vigilante Reaches The West Coast as Anderson is now looking for lack of compliance in our territory. You can also read about the news story on Don’t let this be your financial institution!

Maintaining ATM compliance will give your customers the best experience possible at the ATM and help your financial institution to protect its image and avoid a risky lawsuit. It will protect your company’s bottom-line! Contact FTSI anytime to learn more about our Standards and Compliance service.

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