Providing Superior Security Solutions for ATM Theft

FTSI is changing the game when it comes to ATM security. We believe that superior security is a vital requirement for any successful ATM strategy. FTSI’s anti-skimming solutions provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are aligned to protect against the key modes of security attacks. Through the deployment of multi-layered security solutions, the direct benefits include enhanced customer confidence and avoiding compliance fines, penalties and liabilities.

Protect your ATM network from the risk and associated costs of skimming attacks. Global losses from these types of attacks exceed $2 billion annually. Don’t become a statistic and take control of your ATM fleet. Let FTSI help you reduce the risk of attack while making sure your ATMs are always available to your customers when they need them.

FTSI Anti-Skimming Solutions

• Anti-Skimming Devices for Dip and Motorized Card Reader Bezels
• Protection from digital, analogue and stereo skimming
• Deep insert skimming protection plate
• Remote management and diagnostics with informational alerts
• Cash Trap Inhibitor

NCR Tamper Resistant DIP Card Reader

NCR has released a new Tamper Resistant DIP Card Reader (TRCR). The new TRCR is currently available and provides additional physical protection against eaves-dropping and deep insert skimming attacks on ATMs.

How Do These Attacks Happen?

Eaves-dropping attacks occur when criminals attach devices to data carrying contacts of PCB/read heads that can record the customers’ cards and extract card data. Deep insert skimming attacks transpire when a thin skimming plate is placed inside the DIP reader to record and extract card data. 

How Does the New TRCR Protect Against These Attacks?

NCR has addressed these two attacks by installing a resin over the magnetic read head signal pins and covered the electronics board with an epoxy material to block signals to their attached eaves-dropping device along with embedding a card protection plate built directly into the card reader and reducing the height of the card path from 1.3mm to 0.84-0.99mm to mitigate deep insert skimming.

NCR Safe Slot Reinforcement 

Protect your Front Access Drive-up Self Serv 88, 37, and 38 units from brute force attacks using hook/chain to force safe doors open. The SSR kit upgrades provide a significant deterrent to this specific attack vector and a further layer of security for the ATM. These kits fill the space found around the CD and SDM modules, making it far more difficult to damage the module transports & subsequently insert a hook through the apertures in the safe door.