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FTSI specializes in end-to-end cash management services. Clients have the flexibility to mix and match services for each ATM location.

  • Cash replenishmentCurrency Management
  • Balancing
  • Reporting (tapes and cards) to financial institution
  • Daily deposit pulls and delivery to financial institution
  • Check 21 deposit services with check storage and destruction
  • Deposit processing and reconciliation off-site
  • Currency vaulting
  • Armored cash replenishment
  • Dual Control Options
  • Cash Management

Get a grasp on your cash demand and optimize your ATM channel with FTSI’s Currency Management Solution

Increase your ROI through currency management with automated cash forecasting and optimization. With ever-increasing costs associated with cash, now is the time to increase your profits on your ATM channel, and more. Our service provides significant recurring cost savings for all aspects of the currency supply chain—from ATM and branch, through to the vault and on to central bank interactions. Reduce your network cash by 20 – 45%!

The ATM channel is a huge asset to a financial institution’s overall profit and success. FTSI is proud to present customers with a new service to enhance the ATM channel’s return on investment: our Currency Management Solution. Currency management operations have expensive associated costs including volatile insurance, dynamic labor, fluctuating interest, transportation, processing, and more.

Due to economic demands and ever-changing central bank practices, the supply and demand for cash is more difficult to effectively optimize than almost any other supply chain. Effective currency management requires accuracy, diligence, and a high level of niche-specific knowledge. FTSI’s currency management services are handled by experienced professionals to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all aspects of the complex currency management process.

Powered by leading edge technology, our hands-on services provide significant recurring cost savings for all aspects of the currency supply chain – from ATM and branch, through to the vault and on to the central bank interactions. The savings generated are the direct result of applying sophisticated proprietary statistical analysis, together with daily balancing of all cost components to determine the best process-optimized and cost‐optimized course of action. Automated cash forecasting, ordering, tracking and monitoring more accurately predict your currency requirements and handling costs, thereby drastically reducing expenditure and improving operational efficiencies.

Our Currency Management services are powered by a specialized, decision-support software system that produces tangible results. The stand-alone currency management applications provide full cash supply chain decision-support automation to manage your cash needs today and well into the future—no matter how often central banks, armored carriers and cash handling technologies change the rules.

Operational Efficiency

  • Improved reporting and evaluation
  • Allows staff to focus on core business: customer-facing activities
  • Automates and centralizes cash management
  • Spreadsheets to manage cash
  • Understand daily customer demand

Customer Satisfaction

  • You’ll understand and know your customer demand and branch and ATM efficiency.
  • Higher ATM availability for your customers, with less cash.
  • By optimizing your currency management, you’ll manage costs associated with cash and reduce your regulated cash requirements.
  • You’ll increase your customer satisfaction, both member and nonmember

What advantages can you expect with our Currency Management Solution?

Lowered Costs

  • Optimize all costs through the cash supply chain by adjusting your cash deliveries to meet your actual customer demand—without risking overages or shortages—and reducing your holding costs.
  • Reduction of network cash by 20 – 45%
  • 80% of potential savings realized at system implementation
  • Grow your bottom line by reducing your non-earning assets, improving your revenue opportunities and your performance metrics
  • Lower total cost of ownership