Digital Identity Authentication

The fast and easy way to navigate today’s identity authentication process.

Enhancing the digital experience for your consumers

Put an end to frustrating and repetitive sharing of personal information.

  • Persistent

    Once enrolled, the credential continues to provide a verified identity for the user and the companies they interact with.

  • Private

    Provides an embedded environment of advanced security layers: biometrics, device binding, cryptographic handshakes, and more to ensure privacy.

  • Portable

    Whenever and however you interact with your consumers–in person, call centers, video tellers, and online. Use it again and again whenever identity is critical.

One digital identity that can be used across all channels

Enhancing the digital experience for your consumers

In person ID Verification

In person

Call center

Video Banking

Online banking


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Rivermark Community Credit Union Testimonial

Safe and Simple Identity Verification

The most comprehensive digital identity solution on the market.

  • Improved user experience

    Eliminates the heavy lift of putting together a complete identity verification, authentication, and fraud prevention solution.

  • Cost-effective integration

    Available as no-code and low code mobile app, web apps, and APIs for easy integration.

  • Enhanced security

    Leverages AI/Machine Learning biometrics, cryptography, and encryption.

  • In my experience FTSI has not occupied the role of a traditional vendor, they have been a trusted advisor during our branch transformation journey from its conception to implementation and beyond. We did not just purchase a product from them, we formed a partnership with a trusted advisor. The people at FTSI are what make the difference, it has been a pleasure to work with the FTSI team, from the executive level, the project managers, the sales team, and the service techs in the field.

    Gulf Coast Educators FCU logo
    Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union Taylor Hebert, Chief Experience Officer
  • When you partner with a vendor and you have trust, you can build amazing things. So first and foremost we trust FTSI. It’s not just a one-on-one conversation between us and FTSI that always ends up in improved product and services or even new products and services, but they are really a broker of relationships between us and their other clients as well which allows truly the most creative people that I know to get in one room together and build creative solutions and do awesome things.

    Texas Tech Credit Union
    Texas Tech Credit Union Chris Hutson, CEO
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