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Award-Winning – Industrial Looping, Interactive and Remote Accessible Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solution

Award-winning and leading manufacturer of reliable and industrial-grade digital signage media players, looping DVD players, and interactive digital signage solutions with touchscreens, LED push buttons, motion sensors, proximity sensors, weight sensors, QR codes, scanners, and RFID tags.

  • Cloud-based Software

    Easily manage all your digital signage content remotely.

  • Scalable & IOT Connected

    Add an unlimited number of players to your network, and choose over 20 integrated internet sources like Social Media, Youtube, and more.

  • Graphic Templates

    The software includes hundreds of templates with unlimited zones and widgets.

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Contactless Remote Control

With full remote control, consumers can now view and manipulate a signage display with the scan of a touchscreen’s QR code. Customers take a picture of the code, and the screen automatically transfers to their smartphone. It’s then used to navigate the touchscreen without actually touching it!

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