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Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that is not listed below, please just reach out to us.

What is your current road map for development?

FTSI releases periodic feature updates to the system based on suggestions of its users. As a supporter of cooperative movements, FTSI fosters a collaborative innovation environment. This means that if a system enhancement is implemented for one client, all clients currently utilizing the service will receive the same update at no cost.

What are the permission options and details for different user types?

There are three permission types within the L6 system: Admin, Manager & User. Details on what each permission level has access to is listed here https://ftsius.com/docs/appointment-management/user-profiles/permissions/

Can you schedule appointments ahead of time?

Yes, we offer a schedule widget that can easily be implemented into any frontend website using a simple “iframe code snippet”. This widget can be set up with the help of your IT department or integrates with most website CMSs.

If there are employees that work at multiple locations, can they switch their current branch on their own?

Yes. When the user is logged in, they will go to edit profile and manually select and update their current location from the drop down.

What reporting options are their within the L6 system?

Reporting within L6 is robust and available in real time. Administrators have the ability to view reports of all of their employees and each location without having to log in to specific locations. Administrators can also search for a particular day’s details or for a member by name. The reporting within L6 also allows you to track an unlimited amount of your custom products and services on any of your closed visits within a 12 month timeframe.
To foster friendly competition, reporting for all employees related to sales can also be assessed in real time, so employees have the tools available to keep their competitive energy flowing.

Can we custom brand this app?

Yes, the L6 and schedule widget can be customized to fit within your brand guidelines.

What products and services can you customize?

Any admin in the L6 system can go to settings and set up an unlimited number of products and services. The products and services can have a custom name, sort order and color assigned to them through the settings window. The products and services setup appear in the check in area for users and within the kiosk companion app. The corresponding names and colors are also what is used within reports.

What core systems do you integrate with?

The L6 platform is designed to be a stand along platform with no core integration. This allows L6 to have ongoing developments using the latest in secure web techniques and release new products as they become available.

Can members check themselves in on a kiosk?

Yes, the kiosk companion app allows members to check themselves in and be added to a waitlist. There are three simple steps through the kiosk companion app that are customized and set up by the credit union. The member self check in will appear the same way on your user side as a check-in set up by an employee.

Will the kiosk companion app show the list of members waiting?

No, the kiosk companion app only shows the number of people waiting; it does not list any names or corresponding visit reasons for the member to see.

Will the kiosk companion app show when employees are on break?

No, the kiosk companion app allows members to select the reason for their visit and to type in their name to be added to the waitlist. Members do not have the ability to request specific employees or see their current status.

Can an employee check-in another member without marking that they have completed the member interaction that they just finished?

Yes, the employee’s queue will stack in the background and will automatically switch to ‘currently assisting’ when completed. It will also do this when a ticket is transferred from one employee to another.