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POSITION SUMMARY Provide exceptional quality service by maintaining financial equipment, resolve hardware, software and telecom errors as they occur in the field, repair parts, trouble shoot in a timely manner, provide telephone maintenance support, and general warehouse duties as needed.

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Job Description

Position:                       Second Line Technician 

Department:                Second Line

Location:                      South Texas

FLSA Status:               Non Exempt

Grade:                          4

Days Scheduled:         Varies

Hours Scheduled:       Varies


Includes the following but are not limited to:

  • The second line technician must be proficient in second line duties and first line duties
  • Training requirements include: training in servicing all types of ATM machines in the region in which you are assigned
  • Responsible for handling service calls in compliance with client contractual agreement
  • Ability to troubleshoot ATM errors within 30 minutes of arriving at client site
  • Complete all necessary paperwork and forward it to the proper department for further handling
  • Responsible for maintaining the warehouse as needed: keep warehouse neat and clean, maintain shipping and receiving, test benches to remain orderly and under control, parts must be kept on racks with detailed information, maintain inventory and integrity of customer equipment
  • Repair broken parts as needed; refurbish hardware completely from the ground up; identify and troubleshoot both hardware and software errors and perform upgrades to equipment for special projects
  • Provide swift resolution to meet response times as necessary with flexibility
  • Understand when to escalate to FTSI management to get manufacturer or third party to complete the call
  • Utilize the most cost effective solutions available to get the job done in the best possible manner
  • Understand the process of running wire, cable, and circuits in a real world environment
  • Prepare ATMs before leaving the warehouse as needed
  • Provide telephone and hands-on support to first and second line technicians
  • Responsible for providing telephone support to customers as needed
  • Responsible for proper handling of FTSI, Inc. property including but not limited to NCR Diagnostic disk and pass codes, NCR USB key and pass codes, Diebold pass codes, customer information, inventory, and keys, and tools
  • Perform preventative maintenance duties as assigned and complete monthly or quarterly which ever is required
  • Communicate with the communication center with closeout information pertaining to service calls
  • Communicate with management as to needs and actions taken or to be taken to complete projects in a timely manner
  • Provide reporting to management on a scheduled and as needed basis
  • Communicate closely with project management
  • Responsible for staging and installation of equipment including: unpacking and reviewing all equipment, requirements to complete configuration, loading software, testing components and provide test results to project management, certify the equipment is ready for installation, audits, bring lives, train the customer (end user) how to operate the equipment/systems
  • Travel out of town for projects as needed
  • May be asked to work evenings and weekends on a rotated basis
  • Safety: Always be aware of your surroundings and the people in the vicinity that can pose threat to technician safety, technician safety is always first; Understand and follow all FTSI, Inc. safety procedures regarding equipment, tools, and handling of heavy objects; Learn the designated locations for fire extinguishers and safe use


QUALIFICATIONS Technical training /background or related experience preferred. Ongoing continued education is encouraged as it relates to products and services. Manufacturer and third party training as needed for certification and expanding product line; software certifications are encouraged; ongoing training as required on new hardware and processes.


  • Firm grasp of mechanical and electrical functions.
  • Must be able to diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication faults.
  • Must be proficient in using and repairing a PC.
  • Must be able to effectively use tools and equipment as provided.
  • Must possess critical thinking skills and the ability to make decisions while under limited supervision.
  • Must be able to safely operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid driver’s license.

Customer Rapport 

  • The customer is the reason we all have a job.
  • Have good communications that answer all questions as thoroughly as possible.
  • Always treat a customer with courtesy, respect and in a professional manner.
  • Wear a smile when you talk with a customer, even when on the phone it will shine through! Thank the customer with each call or conversation.
  • Follow up with a customer that has had a problem to ensure they are satisfied with actions taken and no loose ends need to be taken care of.

FTSI Communications 

  • Maintaining good communication, with all areas, to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Escalating issues that require upper management approval to appropriate person.


  • Professional business casual, no open toe shoes or shorts.
  • Pierced jewelry beyond one earring in each ear is prohibited, no tattoos that can be seen by customers, no excess jewelry, no dyed hair unnatural colors, no wild hair cuts, conservative make-up only.
  • Business casual attire is required from Monday – Thursdays. Business appropriate Jeans are allowed on Casual Fridays.
  • For Men: clean-shaven or neatly trimmed beards, hair neatly cut and groomed.
  • Also see the employee handbook for additional dress code requirements

Physical Requirements           

–     Talking: the ability to clearly express ideas and instructions accurately and quickly, in person and on the telephone.

–     Hearing: the ability to receive detailed information through oral communications in a decibel range of a normal conversational level and telephone conversations.

–     Visual acuity to identify and read fine print, as well as a computer screen.

–     Ability to hold a pen, type and grasp documents, and to use a ten-key calculator.

–     Ability to accept constructive criticism.

–     Ability to interact with co-workers and customers.


Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) from a four-year college or university program certificate; or two to four years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Minimum of five years Field Services experience as it pertains to services, products, communication and operations.

Proven experience in problem resolution, consistent and effective interaction with all level of employees in an organization, specializing in working with credit unions, banks, and familiar with third party parts vendors

Travel required as necessary to fulfill assignments.

To apply please contact HR by email at

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