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ATMs in the Digital Age: Strategic Outlook for Channel Success

Key Takeaways

 Consumer Experience Predictions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of current and future predictions for consumer experiences and expectations at the ATM terminal. 

 Expert Perspectives on ATM Evolution: Hear real-life examples, use-cases, lessons learned, and diverse perspectives from our panel of experts, offering insights into ATM evolution, changing consumer habits, and retail banking trends. 

Actionable Insights for Futureproofing: Walk away with actionable insights derived from newfound knowledge about consumer preferences at the ATM channel. Get expert opinions on driving unique and futureproof experiences to align seamlessly with evolving consumer expectations. 

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Replay our insightful discussion as we look into the future of ATM channels in 2024 and beyond. In this engaging and unscripted dialogue, our panel of experts explore various perspectives and share valuable data from the evolving ATM space, covering crucial topics such as consumer trends, strategic ATM placements, cash recycling, security features, contactless and biometric authentications, environmental sustainability, blockchain and crypto integration, AI, and more

We delve into the dynamics of strategic ATM implementations for revenue generation and consumer retention, along with the potential evolution of ATMs into mobile interfaces. Addressing critical questions about the demand for ATMs, the future of cash, and the balance between experience and functionality, our open-forum discussion promises actionable insights to enhance your financial institution's operations. 


Meet Our Speakers


Jed Taylor  |  Founder, Xplore Strategic Solutions 

Jed Taylor, a seasoned technology executive specializing in the financial services industry, has played a pivotal role in launching over four businesses. Currently, as the founder of Xplore, a consulting company, he focuses on fractional executive work, assisting companies in building and launching new products. Jed’s business journey also includes being the President of uGenius Technology, the original creator of the Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). After selling uGenius to NCR, he continued as the Vice President of NCR's Branch and Community Banking portfolio, overseeing notable growth.

Tom McDermott inver

Tom McDermott  |  Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Inver Consulting Group

Tom McDermott is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Inver Consulting Group, a financial services consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. He has over 30 years of experience in financial services in executive level roles. His knowledge base is unique having led a large Retail Branch network on Product Pricing, Digital Banking, Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, and Retail Sales Execution. Tom was one of the industry’s first OMNI Channel executives. In his career, he has opened over 500 branches, closed over 500 branches and renovated over 1,200 branches resulting in significant revenue and cost reduction for multiple organizations.


Travis Hoban  |  Chief Technology Officer, FTSI

Travis joined the FTSI team in 2017 and is passionate about helping financial institutions utilize technology to gain efficiencies and grow revenue. His specialties include blockchain and crypto technology, enhanced self-service, and ATM as a Service (ATMaaS). Travis is a Blockchain Maturity Model consultant with the Government Blockchain Association, helping financial institutions evaluate and implement strategic blockchain solutions. He has consulted with over 100 financial institutions on technology and strategies and is passionate about utilizing technology to improve profitability, efficiency, and CX.


Moderated by
Jenny Clawson-Peel  |  VP of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, FTSI