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Migrating to Remote Management Solution (RMS) for FTSI Customers

Key Takeaways

 Understand the key features of RMS and how they are used in ATM fleet management

 Hear from two financial institutions utilizing RMS and what their experience has been like

 Learn how RMS can be used to cut costs, increase uptimes, and improve operation efficiencies

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We invite you to join us as we dive into FTSI’s Remote Management Solution (RMS). RMS is a hands-off way to handle incident management, software updates, and more. Financial institutions using RMS for their ATM fleets experience substantial cost savings, increased uptimes, and enhanced operational efficiencies, setting a new industry benchmark for hardware and service excellence. 

Join us as we discuss RMS implementation, features, and functionality with Christina Balch, IT Analyst at Redwood Credit Union and Jose Valasrod, Operations Administrator at Bay Federal Credit Union. 

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Meet our speakers


Christina Balch

IT Analyst | ATMs
Redwood Credit Union


Jose Valasrod

Operations Administrator
Bay Federal Credit Union


Travis Hoban (Moderator)

Chief Technology Officer