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FTSI’s Hosted Services Solution Will Improve Application Availability, Increase Deployment Speed & Reduce Operational Costs

Hosted Services

With advanced ATMs comes the opportunity to market more effectively to your customers and potential customers at the machine. Hosted Services enable ATMs featuring APTRA software offer high quality graphics that will deliver your marketing messages and highlight your brand.

FTSI’s Hosted Services Solution, in partnership with NCR, will transform your business by lowering costs, accelerating deployment and increasing efficiencies, while still meeting your requirements for high application availability and IT security. Expenses are shifted from higher cost, upfront capital expenses, to lower cost hosted system implementations. New applications are quickly deployed, and infrastructure and personnel costs are reduced.

Our Hosted Services Solution includes the design, authorship and content of the information displayed on your ATMs and loading of your marketing campaigns resident on the server. Five custom full-color static screens, one custom black and white end-of-receipt message/coupon, campaign code and testing, CD and delivery are included. We can create 3D animation showing customers how to use your new envelope-free deposit ATM. Transaction screens can be customized to meet your brand specifications. We provided a designated project manager to manage the implementation of the Services and provide technical support services, resources and the communication infrastructure necessary to perform responsibilities associated with the Hosted Services.

Hosted Services Solution

• Leverage the experience of a global leader in IT hosting services – NCR has served more the 500 clients worldwide and more than 20 million end users and billions of dollars in transactions each month.

• Operate your critical applications without worry – NCR’s hosting centers provide operating system administration, database administration and network management. Protecting your most critical applications is not a part-time job. Get full-time peace of mind with 24-hour vigilance, every day, every week.

• Minimize interruptions to your business – NCR’s state-of-the-art, highly secure data centers were designed and built to ensure maximum security and high system availability. These data centers operate with redundant hardware, dual Tier 1 ISPs, and automatic failover backed by a comprehensive disaster recovery facility. Your business will benefit from unparalleled application availability to guard against interruptions, ensuring the growth and retention for your valued customer base.

• Maximize ROI with high availability – Offering the highest level of protection, NCR’s hosting centers are designed with fully redundant active power paths, as well as Internet connectivity paths to keep your applications up and running. This increased availability results in a quicker return on your investment.

• Safeguard your business from risk – Stay ahead of the competition with our complete set of services, including: data integrity, authentication, database administration, continual operating system upgrades and compliance with the latest security patches. We also provide registry setting controls, 24×365 application monitoring services, change controls, security monitoring, virus protection and intrusion penetration testing services to ensure you receive the highest level of security and protection.

• Best-in-class processes – NCR maintains best practices and participates in the most stringent third-party audits in the industry. Our centers are audited regularly for compliance and certification, continually exceeding third-party benchmarks for system performance.

• Efficient and seamless migration that improves performance – FTSI understands the business drivers that transform your hosting operations model to one that ensures increased business value, strengthened customer loyalty and a competitive advantage. Our skilled services personnel can assist with every stage of the hosting lifecycle, from migrating your applications into our hosting environment to account support and performance monitoring. FTSI acts as your single point of contact to ensure seamless application performance and maintenance.


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