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Take control of your ATM network

NCR Secure

We are changing the game when it comes to ATM security. At FTSI, we believe that security is a vital requirement – as opposed to being an option – for any successful ATM strategy. Our partners at NCR have developed an approach to ATM security that directly aligns with our customers’ strategies as they relate to growing revenue, protecting valuable assets, unlocking amazing customer experiences, and lowering costs.

NCR Secure provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are aligned to protect against the key modes of security attacks. Through the deployment of multi-layered security solutions, the direct benefits for you include the onset of direct losses, enhanced customer confidence and avoiding compliance fines, penalties and liabilities.

NCR Secure Featured Package Includes:

NCR Skimming Protection Solution

Protect your ATM network from the risk and associated costs of skimming protection attacks. Global losses from these types of attacks exceed $2 billion annually. Don’t become a statistic! Let FTSI help you reduce the risk of attack while making sure your ATMs are always available to your customers when they need them. Let us introduce you to NCR’s revolutionary Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) today!

Solidcore Suite for APTRA™ License

  • Prevents the execution of unauthorized code on your ATM systems
  • Protects the code at runtime and maintains the integrity and compliance of the ATMS
  • Reduces the risk and costs related to ATM protection
  • Disables unauthorized codes from running
  • Eliminates the ability for malicious programs or persons to compromise your ATM network

*Solidcore software not included, must have Exchange Server for automatic software updates.

Cash Trap Inhibitor

Provides a physical barrier to the cash dispenser to prevent insertions of cash traps used to capture cash.

Strengthened Top Box Lock

Adds security to the top box of the ATM with an upgraded UL 437 lock.