Rivermark Community CU

Brett has an intrinsic ability to approach complex member experience friction points and discover the underlying opportunities. Using a natural curiosity coupled with an authentic communication style, he is able to utilize the full management playbook to empower employees, leverage technology and create an inclusive culture. Aside from a larger vision, Brett consistently delivers on tactics which produce growth, engagement, and efficiencies in areas of marketing, operations, lending and technology. He promotes the credit union difference and inspires those in the industry to benefit those in need.

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Thank you for presenting such an interesting and informative REACHtalk. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and our audience seemed to appreciate it too. We have received responses to our evaluation survey and your evaluation score is 4.5 out of a 5, and that’s excellent! Thanks again! It was a pleasure working with you.

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I had the distinct pleasure of hosting a panel discussion at our national conference with Lisa a panelist. We spent several hours together prior to the event, and I was genuinely impressed with Lisa’s vision for lending as an experience. She truly understands user-centered design thinking, digital transformation, and how important being innovative is to keeping credit unions relevant. Then she absolutely crushed it as a speaker and panelist! Would encourage having Lisa as a speaker anytime.

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Future Branches Conference

Lisa was a keynote speaker at my Future Branches conference in Austin Texas this past November. She brought an amazing energy to the stage and shared tons of useful information with our audience about her credit union’s approach to CX. And she was a pleasure to work with both in the lead up to the event and during the event itself. I can’t recommend her enough as a speaker. If you are looking for someone that combines great content with a fantastic stage presence, look no further than Lisa!

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First United Bank

FTSI is a very unique organization, they try very hard to understand and get to know their customers really well.

adminFirst United Bank
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Texas Tech Credit Union

When you partner with a vendor and you have trust, you can build amazing things. So first and foremost we trust FTSI. It’s not just a one-on-one conversation between us and FTSI that always ends up in improved product and services or even new products and services, but they are really a broker of relationships between us and their other clients as well which allows truly the most creative people that I know to get in one room together and build creative solutions and do awesome things.

adminTexas Tech Credit Union
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Rivermark Community Credit Union

You can find vendors that do this type of work on about every street corner, the difference is the partnership, the advice, and the friendship that comes with that vendor relationship.

adminRivermark Community Credit Union
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Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union

In my experience FTSI has not occupied the role of a traditional vendor, they have been a trusted advisor during our branch transformation journey from its conception to implementation and beyond. We did not just purchase a product from them, we formed a partnership with a trusted advisor. The people at FTSI are what make the difference, it has been a pleasure to work with the FTSI team, from the executive level, the project managers, the sales team, and the service techs in the field.

adminGulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union
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Citizens Business Bank

The difference between FTSI and our previous provider has been night and day. The staff that handles our account knowledgeable, kind, and timely. They’ve gone above and beyond on several instances where I truly didn’t expect it. The level of service and integrity of the staff is above reproach, and the results are dramatic. Our ATMs now have over a 99.8% uptime.

adminCitizens Business Bank
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FirstCapital Bank of Texas

FirstCapital Bank of Texas and FTSI have been partners since 2013. They respond promptly when we need them, but more importantly, they perform preventative maintenance to minimize any downtime, so we don’t have to call them. We look at them as true partners and continue to expand the relationship to include more of their service offerings.

adminFirstCapital Bank of Texas
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