Professional Software Services

Professional Software Services to meet your needs

FTSI’s professional services team enables the successful implementation of new hardware and software products. Our skilled team assists with technical expertise and on-site support for the implementation of new products including ATM, ITM, and Core Integrations. We ensure a smooth deployment and implementation of a Virtual Teller infrastructure, Software Upgrades, Network Conversions, Server Configurations, and more.

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Level I Services

  • Basic Troubleshooting

    Support for network management software, connection error troubleshooting, configuration setting questions, and basic training.

  • Local & Remote Software Updates

    Installation of software packages locally or through Network Manager, including hardware and software conversions from ATM to ITM.

  • Software Training

    We make sure your staff is equipped with the knowledge to successfully manage your fleet and software user interfaces.

Level II Services

  • Software & Server Upgrades

    Major software and server upgrades to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest technology and meeting compliance goals.

  • Advanced Configurations & Installations

    ATM to ITM conversions, database migrations, certificate management, and custom configurations.

  • Video Teller Server & Teller Stations

    We will install and configure the necessary servers and teller software for a successful Video Teller deployment.

  • In my experience FTSI has not occupied the role of a traditional vendor, they have been a trusted advisor during our branch transformation journey from its conception to implementation and beyond. We did not just purchase a product from them, we formed a partnership with a trusted advisor. The people at FTSI are what make the difference, it has been a pleasure to work with the FTSI team, from the executive level, the project managers, the sales team, and the service techs in the field.

    Gulf Coast Educators FCU logo
    Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union Taylor Hebert, Chief Experience Officer
  • When you partner with a vendor and you have trust, you can build amazing things. So first and foremost we trust FTSI. It’s not just a one-on-one conversation between us and FTSI that always ends up in improved product and services or even new products and services, but they are really a broker of relationships between us and their other clients as well which allows truly the most creative people that I know to get in one room together and build creative solutions and do awesome things.

    Texas Tech Credit Union
    Texas Tech Credit Union Chris Hutson, CEO
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