Standards & Compliance

Proper ATM compliance surveys and external cleaning service to ensure a positive consumer experience.

Protect your ATMs with standards and compliance services you can count on

The FTSI solution starts with establishing a consistent appearance. This includes a complete field audit and recommendations for repair and/or painting of the exterior fascia, signage, and compliance for all ADA and network requirements. Clients are invited to view before and after photographs documenting service calls within our FTSI Express Access customer portal.

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Personalized Service

  • ATM Visual Fraud Inspection

    Our trained technicians will check for skimming devices, pin cameras, and faux fascias to stop fraud and alert your team promptly.

  • Audio and Visual

    We will test your audio jack, screen blanking, and on-screen requirements to ensure you meet compliance standards.

  • Signage Compliance

    We verify network logos, Braille stickers, and fee notices are present and visible. Our services have helped our clients steer clear of unnecessary lawsuits regarding displaying fee notices.

  • Accessibility

    We will confirm wheelchair access and screen height for ADA compliance.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

    Technicians take note of necessary refurbishment needs, perform safety checks, ensure lights are functioning properly and that marketing signage looks presentable.

  • Documentation Available Online

    Field technicians document the cleanings and upload photos to your customized FTSI Express Access portal for your review at any time.

  • When FTSI took over servicing our ATMs, we saw an immediate improvement. With the way things are running now, I can’t imagine going back or changing providers.

    Texas Citizens Bank
    Texas Citizens Bank Ric Burrow, VP of Information Technology
  • The FTSI team has really been fantastic! We used to have so many challenges and everyone from the Techs, to Projects, to Riggers, to the Call Center, and Marketing who helped with marketing screens, everyone has been so supportive! Really so glad we made the change, wish we had done it sooner!

    Frontwave Credit Union
    Frontwave Credit Union Wendy Rodriguez, Director Branch Operations
  • The difference between FTSI and our previous provider has been night and day. The staff that handles our account knowledgeable, kind, and timely. They’ve gone above and beyond on several instances where I truly didn’t expect it. The level of service and integrity of the staff is above reproach, and the results are dramatic. Our ATMs now have over a 99.8% uptime.

    Citizens Business Bank
    Citizens Business Bank
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