Top Eight Cryptocurrency Questions: Asked and Answered

Our Digital-First world has challenged all of us to discover new paths and innovative applications to deepen consumer connections. With more consumers embracing digital assets every day, financial institutions have begun exploring how cryptocurrencies could transform the banking industry. This downloadable packet answers 8 of the most pressing crypto questions asked by financial professionals.

The following questions are covered

  1. Why do cryptocurrencies have value?
  2. What is the typical demographic of people using and investing in cryptocurrencies?
  3. Are cryptocurrencies considered investment assets or currencies?
  4. Are cryptocurrencies primarily used for fraud and illicit activity
  5. What crypto products and solutions can banks and credit unions offer today?
  6. Why would a consumer choose to purchase cryptocurrencies through their bank or credit union as opposed to crypto-specific platforms like Coinbase?
  7. Will the federal government implement a digital dollar and/or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)?
  8. What resources are available for learning more about cryptocurrency in the financial industry?

Answered in-depth by FTSI's Chief Technology Officer, Travis Hoban

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