AEYE Defend

The most accurate, fully autonomous weapons detection platform on the market

FTSI joins forces with Cy-Fair FCU to deploy AEYE Defend to revolutionize their security strategy.

LIVE PANEL: 5/2/24 11 a.m. PT
The Future of Security: Cy-Fair FCU Deploys AI-Powered Weapons Detection

AEYE Defend is an AI software that turns your existing video surveillance cameras into a fully autonomous weapons detection platform



Detects weapon threats using your existing security camera system with an exceptional 95.6% accuracy rate, setting the industry standard.


Geo-tracks perpetrators in real time giving administrators and authorities the ability to mobilize with precision and speed to neutralize threats.


Alerts administrators, authorized agents, and local authorities instantly when a weapon is detected on premise, enabling rapid response.

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Ultimate Privacy Protection

The self-contained storage model protects against data-mining and keeps all data on-premise. The model fully complies with the Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. 


Easy Implementation

By transforming your existing cameras into proactive smart cameras, the platform automates the detection of weapons threats, providing you with advanced security capabilities.


Rapid Response

Potential weapons-related threats are identified before they escalate, allowing for rapid detection and a proactive response to keep your premises safe.


Continuous Evolution

The platform adapts and learns from every encounter, ensuring that it stays ahead of emerging threats and provides you with an always-evolving defense shield.

“When we became aware of AEYE Defend’s pioneering weapons detection solution, we immediately saw its applicability to physical safety and theft deterrence at the credit union as well as its application for our most important community partners, our schools. We are tremendously excited about the collaboration we’ve embarked upon between Cy-Fair FCU, FTSI, and 21st Century AEYE.” 
Cameron Dickey

President & CEO at Cy-Fair FCU

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