Transform your ATM with

Branding & Marketing Screens

Transform your ATM with Branding & Marketing Screens

Utilize your ATM channel fully by implementing screen graphics, animations, and coupons with custom marketing campaigns. With advanced targeted marketing messages at the ATM, you’ll be able to transform your ATM fleet into a sales lead and revenue-generating channel.


Custom Branded User Interface

From the branch to the ATM, create a consistent look to appeal to your consumers.

  • Background
  • Buttons
  • Font Family and Color
  • Receipt Header Logo
  • Helper Animations

Advertising Campaigns

By implementing custom marketing strategies, you have the power to revolutionize your ATM fleet and maximize its potential as a lucrative sales and revenue-generating channel. Leverage the effectiveness of advanced targeted marketing messages directly at the ATM, and witness the transformative impact it can have on your business. 


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Activate Enterprise (AE) Marketing and Branding Screens for Successful Consumer Engagement.

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"As the exclusive Credit Union servicing the prestigious Caltech community, we take pride in offering members a true alternative-from our products and services to our communication and delivery. With customer ATM screens, FTSI provides us with a great opportunity to educate our members and potential members with current promotions and updates-without compromising our creative design and brand. The overall process is fast, easy, and user-friendly. The screens are vivid and colorful. Thanks, FTSI."
Caltech Employees Federal Credit Union
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