ATM Security Solutions

Superior security solutions that help mitigate risk for fraud and theft.

Solutions to reduce your risk

FTSI is changing the game when it comes to ATM security. We believe that superior security is a vital requirement for any successful ATM strategy. FTSI’s ATM security solutions provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are aligned to mitigate the key modes of security attacks.


Card Attacks

FTSI provides solutions to protect from the bezel, insert, and deep insert skimming.

Logical Attacks

Protect your ATMs from cash jackpotting as a result of malware and other electronic attacks with software solutions and best practices.

Physical Attacks

Physical protection, alarms, and surveillance solutions to protect against vandalism and robbery.

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Card Protection Solutions

  • Anti-Skimming for dip & motorized card readers
  • Protection from digital, analog, and stereo skimming
  • Deep insert skimming protection plate
  • Best practices and frequent inspections
  • Remote management and diagnostics with informational alerts

Logical & Network Protection Solutions

  • Best practices for software configurations and firewalls
  • Anti-malware applications with active whitelisting
  • Software tracking and patching process
  • User-based access control
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Unique Top Box Locks

Physical Attack Protection Solutions

  • Integrated alarm and surveillance solutions
  • Safe Slot Reinforcement Kits
  • Security Gates
  • Anchoring Systems
  • GPS Devices
  • ATM Armour
  • Cash Degradation

Intrusion Alarm

FTSI uses a custom-designed intrusion alarm system that meets the latest industry standards to protect your assets 24/7. Our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices allows us to design the right level of security based on your floor plan and equipment within your branch. Our systems are designed specifically to assist with audit and compliance requirements for financial institutions.


Video Surveillance

FTSI’s video surveillance systems combine the latest in digital video recording and IP camera technology to provide a reliable system that you can count on. Our video surveillance solutions produce quality, identifiable images should you have to investigate an incident.

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