A customized, hands-off strategy based on your needs

ATM as a Service (ATMaaS)

Let us take the wheel. Streamline your ATM fleet management with cost-effective, secure, and efficient solutions so you can focus on core operations while ensuring reliable and convenient ATM services


Easy Implementation

Experience a seamless transition from managing multiple vendors to our ATM as a Service solution. With ATMaaS from FTSI:

  • Keep your brand: Surrounds, toppers, backlit signage, custom screens, and more to enhance your ATM branding
  • Experience guaranteed FTSI quality of service with ATM management
  • Options for fleet buy-outs at existing book value
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Eliminate Compliance and Upgrade Issues

Avoid the hassle of rapidly changing upgrades and compliance issues by letting FTSI manage it all for you:

  • Unexpected compliance and upgrade costs are eliminated
  • FTSI will make sure your fleet keeps to the highest level of standards and compliance
  • All ATMs will have the most up-to-date software possible

Increase Focus on Consumer Experience

With over 25 years of industry experience, FTSI knows ATMs so your consumers experience seamless transactions and updated, working machines.

  • Consistent innovation and timely updates to your fleet’s software
  • Experience the highest uptimes in the industry with remote resolutions; Fast dispatch of engineers to your site when needed
  • Management and deployment of software updates to ensure compliance and mitigate risk
Enhanced Experience
Increased Availability

ATM as a Service (ATMaaS)

Experience reliable ATM management, remove the burden of juggling multiple vendors, avoid mounting costs, and bring the most modern, enhanced customer experience to your self-service channels. 

ATM as a Service Advantages

  • Easy implementation
  • Guaranteed FTSI quality of service
  • Existing fleet buy-out at book value
  • Eliminate compliance and upgrade costs
  • Simplified invoicing as an operational expense
  • Increased focus on your consumer’s experience

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