Drive more consumers to the self-service channel

Enhanced Self-Service with Core Integration

Core Integration

Direct Integration enables an Enhanced Self Service Transaction set (24×7) beyond what is offered with a standard Switch

  • Check cashing
  • Access to full account relationship
  • Loan payments with cash or check
  • 24x7 access to consumer’s accounts
  • Use your business rules for transaction fees and holds

Convenience and simplicity are key

Consumers want their financial institutions to help them accomplish more in less time. With a core integration, you’ll drive more transactions to enhance the self-service channel and make better use of automated technology.


Enhanced Self-Service Case Study

Rally Credit Union Gains Efficiencies and Improves Member Experience with Enhanced Self Service.


Transaction Sets

Enhance the transaction set beyond the traditional switch, turn your ATM into a digital endpoint.


Traditional ATM Channel


Core Integrated


Remote Video Teller

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