Hardware Enhancements

Don’t forget these add-ons for an enhanced experience and functionality


TRAC-Vault BT Smart is a heavy-duty vault with wireless access that stores keys, access cards, and keyfobs.

  • Reduces re-keying costs
  • Tested for attack resistance
  • Provides an audit trail
  • Reduces time spent on audits and re-keying
  • Reduces risk by limiting branch keys and access
  • Optimizes service by allowing for more flexible access

Directional Speakers for Video Teller Machines

Innovative and uniquely engineered, Directional Speakers create immersive audio zones isolated to a specific ITM user for enhanced privacy and experience.

  • High-quality experience with engaging interaction
  • Targeted ultrasonic sound beams
  • Cost-effective and easy installation 
  • Improved consumer privacy
  • Elimination of noise pollution
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