App Development

App design and development for community financial institutions

The Process

The Success Circle provides a continuous journey through discovery to launch of an application. Application development is a continuous loop to create a continued relevance in the App Stores and end users.​



How can you turn an idea into a successful app for your financial institution? It all starts here with strategic planning, landscape review, and goal setting.

Review the landscape

From your fears and hopes to traction items within each key channel, we will develop a clear picture of where your organization is.

Strategic planning

This strategic planning will iron out roadblocks and turn your hopes into a mechanism for achieving future success.


With over twenty years of experience, the FTSI Design Team has a true sense of design.

User Experience Design

We leverage our strong background in graphic design, manual dexterity and a keen eye for precision as the building blocks of our expertise. Not limited to traditional views of form and function, we constantly push to stretch boundaries and find exciting new creative direction.

Visual Design

Our momentum to move forward has led us to expand into layout design, user interface, 3D modeling, and front-end mobile and web development.


Our Team of professional, cross-platform software developers have decades of experience. Our passion for software development and finding creative solutions to problems invigorates all aspects of our company.

Project Planning

The ability to visualize and execute development is essential in the infancy of a project. That’s why our development team is heavily involved during the brainstorming and workflow steps.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Conceptualizing each success element is vital to our approach to ensure the correct first steps are taken in the creation of ground-breaking software. When a road map is not available, we help define one by touching and interacting directly with a wealth of new ideas and established techniques to follow.


Once your app is live, it is a living thing that needs to change and grow with the industry.

Marketing and Ongoing Support

We truly deliver the full package by continuing to support app as long as you need. We deliver the full package with distribution to Apple and Google stores, access to strategic marketing and consumer engagement tools, and continual support as your app grows with the industry.

See Our Award Winning Azie App

Azie connects Black and Brown Oregonians with financial products, services, and education from local credit unions that best align with their unique needs. Azie aims to foster financial and housing stability while creating and sustaining generational wealth for individuals and their families.

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Digital Leadership

When you believe anything is possible, the sky’s the limit. We provide custom solutions that create extraordinary experiences, delivered by a partner you trust. From pushing the boundaries of digital to customizable hardware for your branch, FTSI wins with a customer-centric approach and great minds at the forefront.

Jenny Clawson-Peel
Vice President, Business Development

Jenny has deep and varied experience helping Fintechs bring solutions to market. She has leveraged her MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship to approach creative problem solving and execution. Jenny's insight working with hundreds of financial institutions and tech companies brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Team FTSI.

Don't just take our word for it

Read what our customers say about us.

“Unitus Community Credit Union is honored to have received a grant from the National Credit Union Administration's Community Development Revolving Loan Fund program. The grant, along with our significant $250,000 investment, allowed us to build the Azie App, which will expand financial inclusion to reach members of the Black community in Oregon. The innovation and collaboration that went into the app's development have contributed to its scalability. The Azie app can serve as a model for other credit unions to provide access and opportunity to underserved communities.”
Steven Stapp, President and CEO
Unitus Community Credit Union
“We are extremely happy to have been introduced to FTSI and their Digital Team. FTSI understands credit unions and our individual challenges. That lead us to partner with them to develop a one-day Digital Strategy Summit specifically for the challenges we have in Hawaii. We have a long way to go on our digital journey but being able to participate in the Digital Strategy Summit with FTSI, provided new information and reconfirmed some of our existing thoughts, as we continue our efforts to best serve the financial needs of our members here in Hawaii.”
Scott Kaulukukui, President & CEO
Hickam Federal Credit Union
“Maui County Federal Credit Union was able to participate in a Digital Strategy Summit with FTSI. We were impressed with their depth of experience and passion for credit unions. So much so that we’ve partnered with them to create a digital roadmap for our near and long-term digital initiatives.”
Denise Thayer, Chief Development & Communications Officer
Maui County Federal Credit Union
“Gulf Winds is consistently looking for opportunities to increase agility by building integrations between various platforms. FTSI and ModusBox was an easy choice for us, providing a wide range of integration capabilities and extensive knowledge of the financial industry. FTSI has played a key role in assisting us with setting up the platform and integrating several critical services.”
Patrick Wendolek, CIO & SVP
Gulf Winds Credit Union

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