ATM as a Service

Custom ATM outsourcing solution for financial institutions

Experience reliable ATM management, remove the burden of juggling multiple vendors, avoid mounting costs, and bring the most modern, enhanced customer experience to your self-service channels. 

ATM as a Service Advantages

  • Easy implementation
  • Guaranteed FTSI quality of service
  • Existing fleet buy-out at book value
  • Eliminate compliance and upgrade costs
  • Simplified invoicing as an operational expense
  • Increased focus on your consumer’s experience

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Experience a seamless transition from managing multiple vendors to our ATM as a Service solution. With ATMaaS from FTSI:

  • Keep your brand: Surrounds, toppers, backlit signage, custom screens, and more to enhance your ATM branding
  • Experience guaranteed FTSI quality of service with ATM management
  • Options for fleet buy-outs at existing book value

Avoid the hassle of rapidly changing upgrades and compliance issues by letting FTSI manage it all for you:

  • Unexpected compliance and upgrade costs are eliminated
  • FTSI will make sure your fleet keeps to the highest level of standards and compliance
  • All ATMs will have the most up-to-date software possible

With over 24 years of industry experience, FTSI knows ATMs. Self-service technology is constantly evolving, and so should your fleet. With low downtimes and attention to detail, your customers experience seamless transactions and updated, working machines.When FTSI manages your ATMs, you will experience:

  • Consistent innovation and timely updates to your fleet’s software
  • Ensured operational excellence of each ATM
  • Experience the highest uptimes in the industry with remote resolutions; Fast dispatch of engineers to your site when needed
  • Management and deployment of software updates to ensure compliance and mitigate risk

A Customizable ATM Outsourcing Solution

A custom turn-key model based on your specific needs

  • Keep Your Brand

    Surrounds, toppers, backlit signage, to custom on screen branding and advertising to enhance your brand at the ATM channel.

  • Standards & Compliance

    FTSI will ensure your ATMs are kept to the highest level of standards and compliance.

  • Software Management

    FTSI’s software management solution pairs software upgrades with field operations to give you the most up to date software possible.

  • Parts and Maintenance

    Proactive and consistent First and Second-Line Maintenance lets FTSI customers enjoy the highest uptimes in the industry.

  • Secure Transactions

    From Anti-skimming protection to electronic security, FTSI protects your assets and data from both physical and digital attacks.

  • Cash Services

    FTSI specializes in end-to-end cash management services. Client have the flexibility to mix and match services for each ATM location.

  • When FTSI took over servicing our ATMs, we saw an immediate improvement. With the way things are running now, I can’t imagine going back or changing providers.

    Texas Citizens Bank
    Texas Citizens Bank Ric Burrow, VP of Information Technology
  • The FTSI team has really been fantastic! We used to have so many challenges and everyone from the Techs, to Projects, to Riggers, to the Call Center, and Marketing who helped with marketing screens, everyone has been so supportive! Really so glad we made the change, wish we had done it sooner!

    Frontwave Credit Union
    Frontwave Credit Union Wendy Rodriguez, Director Branch Operations
  • The difference between FTSI and our previous provider has been night and day. The staff that handles our account knowledgeable, kind, and timely. They’ve gone above and beyond on several instances where I truly didn’t expect it. The level of service and integrity of the staff is above reproach, and the results are dramatic. Our ATMs now have over a 99.8% uptime.

    Citizens Business Bank
    Citizens Business Bank
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