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Contactless delivery at the branch and beyond 

Smart LockersAs the world practices social distancing and prepares for business post-COVID-19, there is an immediate need to find creative ways to meet consumer needs. With smart lockers being widely used by digital-savvy shoppers, consumers are looking for the same experience when it comes to banking. Contact us today to learn how smart lockers can enable contactless contact delivery at the branch, offer flexible pick up time after hours, and create a safe environment for your customers and members.

  • Customizable Locker Sizes and Configurations to suit your needs.
  • Smart Locking Device with embedded intelligence.
  • Control Interface with touchscreen, and barcode/QR scanner.
  • Network software allows for full reporting capability, utilization and capacity management.
  • Customize workflows, messaging and various software functions.

Features :

  • Customizable Locker Sizes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installations
  • Front and Rear Loading Options
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Audit Trail and Reporting
  • IP Addressable Locks

Benefits :

  • No contact delivery solution
  • Extended hours of availability
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Smart Locking Device
  • Embedded intelligence and integrated sensing

Use Cases:

  • Consumer pickup and drop off
  • Debit Cards
  • Cashier Checks
  • Coin Orders
  • Document Exchange