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Teller Cash Recycler - TCRLooking for improved branch automation?

The Teller Cash Recycler reduces cash deposit transaction times up to 50% and cut cash transaction times up to 40% 

Automate cash handling at the teller line. The Teller Cash Recycler (TCR) radically improves teller productivity, reduces customer wait times and empowers your staff to interact with customers, increasing time to spend on value-add up selling and cross selling. TCRs provide a high level of security and can help facilitate an open-plan, modern concept for your branch environment.

Increase productivity, customer satisfaction and branch security with the NCR Teller Cash Recycler (TCR). The TCR is the ideal product to effectively improve branch operations. Quicker, more accurate transactions will improve customer interaction and increase teller productivity. Your teller team will be able to reduce start and end-of-day balancing by an average of 20 minutes, as well as reduce the number of vault buys and sells. In this financial landscape, security is of increasing importance. The Teller Cash Recycler significantly reduces cash exposure in your branch. Cash is stored in a secure safe with restricted access. All counting and verification is conducted inside the recycler, minimizing the time that cash is exposed. The unit has a small footprint, ideal for branches with limited space. Want to transform your institution’s banking business? This is the solution for you.
Teller Cash Recycler Datasheet

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