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ATMs Not Rebooting? Expired Firmware May Be at Fault

If you have NCR ATMs that are locked in a constant reboot cycle, but won’t turn on the cause may be as simple as an expired firmware certificate. In January, NCR found that an expired piece of firmware was accidentally prevented machines manufactured from 2008 to 2012 from turning on once they were restarted because of an incompatibility with the Encrypting Pin Pad 2 (EPP2). More specifically, machines with EPP2s with serial numbers 02650000 or below were affected and must all be updated whether the ATM is functioning or not.

If you are experiencing this problem, first make sure you don’t reboot any of your machines that are still working.

DO NOT Allow Your Personnel or Vendors to Reboot any NCR SelfServ ATM Terminals Until the Patch is Loaded


Next, contact a service provider that is qualified to work on NCR machines and have them load NCR’s temporary patch onto your machines to remedy the firmware expiration problem. It’s a simple fix that can even be done remotely through systems like APTRA Exchange or NetOps. Service providers likes FTSI were able to load the patch on all of their software management customers’ machines in a matter of days once they scheduled the service.

The current patch should work through the rest of the year and a permanent fix, which is expected by the end of March, will involve replacing the affected files in the EPP2 with files that have a validity period set to the original designed intent. In either case, it’s important to stress that there is no reason to replace your existing Encrypting Pin Pad.

If you would like to learn more about the EPP patch issue and get updates from experts on this and other compliance issues, feel free to attend the “3 for 30: Tying Up Your Compliance Loose Ends” webinar on Feb. 22nd or request to view the link to it afterwards.