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Drive Engagement by Providing After-Hours Support to Your Consumers


Drive Engagement by Providing After Hours Support to Your Consumers


Business hours are for businesses, not people. That’s why after-hours support is becoming increasingly important for banks and credit unions to drive engagement as consumers expect more convenient and accessible services. One simple way to provide this support without increasing your staff or their hours is by implementing appointment scheduling software. 

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An appointment scheduler allows banks and credit unions to better manage their resources while providing 24/7 availability, which is extremely valuable to today’s on-the-go consumers. 


With an intuitive scheduling solution, consumers can choose times that work best for them while their needs are top-of-mind, rather than having to work around the bank or credit union's schedule in a battle for availability on already crowded phone lines that are limited to business hours.  


Scheduling software also ensures that consumers are showing up to the right location for the services they are seeking, and that the right person will be there to help them. This can help to increase customer satisfaction, keeping them coming back for future services instead of seeking out other, more convenient options. Additionally, staff can better utilize their days when they know their schedule ahead of time.  


A flexible scheduler like L6 also ensures that appointments are synced across branches automatically, removing the need for IT to intervene when plans, permissions, or locations change. 


With L6 providing after-hours support to consumers, you can 

  • Increase Engagement 
  • Increase Product and Service Visibility 
  • Decrease No-Shows 
  • Improve Net Promoter Scores 

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Embedded on your website for easy access by consumers 24/7, banks and credit unions can use an appointment scheduling platform to boost consumer engagement by: 


  • Offering personalized, valuable financial services 
  • Allowing consumers to schedule multiple appointments to meet different needs 
  • Instantly confirm appointments, rather than making consumers wait to hear back and potentially lose interest or book instantly somewhere else 
  • Showcasing your most lucrative services 
  • Letting consumers browse your entire list of services and book instantly  


L6 is a powerful tool that financial institutions can use to drive engagement and improve the customer experience by providing ‘round the clock support. With the lightest IT lift on the market, financial institutions can be up and running with L6 in just minutes across all branches.  



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