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FTSI Customer Stories: A Commitment to Excellence in ATM Fleet Service

FTSI Customer Stories: A Commitment to Excellence in ATM Fleet Service


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At FTSI, dedication to customer service isn’t just a motto—it’s a deeply ingrained principle that has shaped the company’s culture and operations for over 26 years. Our commitment to exceeding expectations and fostering strong, lasting partnerships has set it apart in the competitive landscape of ATM and ITM hardware and service providers. Below are just a few of many customer stories about our partnerships. Watch the whole video here. 


“We have the unique perspective of having worked with FTSI for over 15 years, both as a former employee and now as a partner here at Rivermark. FTSI has been with Rivermark since day one of our ITM journey. With FTSI You can expect a commitment to doing the right thing. It's what sets them apart from their competition. Their service goes above and beyond, and their goal is to exceed your expectations with everything they do.” 

Brian Greenfield, Technology Director | Rivermark Community Credit Union 


“We partnered with FTSI about 10 years ago. They helped us with our branch transformation strategy. We're happy to still be a partner with FTSI. We really value the relationship, and we can tell that they do as well. They're very serious about service, and it comes through in every interaction with them. I would say pick them because of the people. A company is nothing without good quality people and the people at FTSI are the best.” 

Taylor Herbert, Chief Experience Officer | Gulf Coast Educators Credit Union 


“I've been with FTSI for many years. They've been our extended partner, not just a partner, but really an extension to our credit union. I've been with many credit unions in Southern California, and it just seems like even though in all that I've had many other ATM vendors, ATM's, service vendors, cash providers, I've always gone back to FTSI. Even though other partners have been my partners, it's not [the same]. It's unlike FTSI and what they provide. I've had a long-standing relationship up to the CEO and learned all [about] their services and products and it has just been a pleasure working with every single one of them. They're just a phone call away. If you're not with FTSI, I recommend them for their service, their partnership, just everything that they have to offer. They're just an extension of our credit union. We thrive on service and so does FTSI, and we're really thankful for their success and look forward to the future and more to come with them. So, thank you.” 

Patty Holcomb, AVP Information Technology | CUSOCAL 


“I think the biggest reason we've decided that FTSI is the best thing for us is because of their innovation and their service levels. So, between the fact that they're never sitting still, they're always finding a way to innovate and find new things and new partners to help us better our credit union. We just really value that relationship and understanding that if we ask for something they're willing to do the research and find a way to make it happen.” 

Charlotte Nemec, President & CEO | Canopy Federal Credit Union 


“We've had a long-standing relationship with FTSI and the reason that we partner with them is because they provide first-rate service. We don't get the kind of service that we get from FTSI with any other vendor. And so I really consider FTSI one of our key critical partners.” 

Crystal Stevens, Director of Card Services | Altura Credit Union 


“I've had the pleasure of working with FTSI for about 6 years now, and when I first started in my new position, my predecessor-- she worked really closely with FTSI and knew everything about what they did for us and how we partnered, and I knew nothing. I spoke with Susan one time about it and just mentioned to her that I didn't really feel like I understood our partnership and she put together a training program for me, which I thought was so awesome. I went to the building there in Monrovia and several different people came in and spoke with me. They gave me a little binder, explained exactly what FTSI did, how we partnered together, and all the resources that I would possibly need. I've never worked with another company like that before that really took the time to help me understand exactly how we partner together and that's one reason why I will always cherish and be loyal to FTSI.” 

Lauren Terrone, ACP of EServices | CalTech Employees Federal Credit Union 

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The testimonials shared above offer a glimpse into the profound impact of our service-oriented approach on our valued partners. Our customers have experienced firsthand the unparalleled dedication, innovation, partnership, and support that define FTSI. We are honored to be entrusted with their success and look forward to many more years of collaborative growth and mutual achievement. If you're not yet partnered with FTSI, we invite you to join us on this journey of excellence in service. Get in touch today to see how we can better service your financial institution.