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FTSI Unveils New State-of-the-Art Training Center in Monrovia, CA

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Susan Napier, CEO and Chairwoman at FTSI, performs a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new training center.


Amidst much anticipation and excitement, FTSI proudly unveiled its state-of-the-art training center with a ribbon-cutting event in Monrovia this past week. For 25 years, FTSI has been the leading provider of custom digital and branch solutions for community financial institutions.  


As a fully stocked multipurpose training lab, employees, customers, and partners will experience hands-on learning with the hardware and software found in FTSI’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including security, service, and digital products along with branch hardware and software. 


The original idea for opening a training center came from true group collaboration between leadership, management, and employees in a united effort to further innovation.

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The Need for Advanced Training Facilities  

In today’s dynamic fintech industry, where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, the demand for advanced training facilities becomes more critical than ever. The evolving technological landscape constantly introduces new innovations, shaping the way financial institutions operate and interact with customers.  


To stay ahead of these advancements, it is imperative to foster a culture of continuous learning and development among employees. 


The versatile space will serve as a hub for various training initiatives, covering a wide range of topics critical to FTSI’s growth and success. The center will serve as an employee onboarding space, as well as provide the opportunity to delve into cutting-edge subjects like cyber security and Artificial Intelligence, equipping trainees with the expertise needed to safeguard our operations and embrace innovation. Field technicians can perfect deconstructing and reconstructing hardware parts, loading software, and testing new technology before deploying to our customers. 


Additionally, the center will facilitate in-depth sessions on essential tools for optimizing our data analysis and decision-making processes. Our team will also receive comprehensive training on various ATM models, ensuring seamless ATM maintenance and operations in the field.  


Beyond technical aspects, trainings will emphasize other skills, allowing our team to excel in their roles and foster a positive work environment. The new training center is poised to elevate our collective knowledge and capabilities, driving our organization forward with confidence and competence. 

 Training Center

Features of the Training Center  

The new center was designed with a cutting-edge learning infrastructure in mind. The space has a modern, clean feel complete with state-of-the-art equipment including an interactive touchscreen monitor, hands-on equipment for ATM and security training and demonstrations, electric drapes, and more. 


During collaboration about creating the space, the team emphasized the importance of hands-on practice and real-life simulations so our team can provide the best possible service for customers. FTSI’s industry expert trainers will ensure comprehensive curriculums and timely trainings.  


The center will also host “train the trainer” experiences with our partners, ensuring smooth communication and alignment.  

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Benefits for Employees, Customers, and Business Partners 

The center will serve as a knowledge hub, enabling anyone who enters its doors to acquire new skills and enhance their technical abilities. This heightened expertise translates to improved employee performance, heightened customer satisfaction, and strengthened partnerships with business clients. 


The training center opens pathways for enhanced career growth. For example, second-line technicians have the opportunity to explore a career path to professional services. The center equips technicians for higher roles within the company, allowing for potential promotions from within the organization. 


A well-trained workforce ensures better customer service, adhering to FTSI's philosophy of "fixing it right the first time." This dedication to customer satisfaction fosters a strong link between delighted customers and overall business growth. 


The new center stands as a game-changer for FTSI and its employees, customers, and trusted partners. The benefits extend beyond individual skill development, fostering enhanced employee performance, customer satisfaction, and strengthened partnerships. Together, we look forward to shaping a brighter tomorrow in the fintech landscape.