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High Activity of ATM Skimming Devices in California


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FTSI is seeing a spike in ATM skimming attacks with new types of skimming devices found by FTSI technicians. With an unusually high volume of activities being reported, it is important to have your branch staff inspect the ATMs on a daily basis.

 New PIN Capture Device: Keypad Overlay

The photos below illustrate a new type of PIN capture device that sits on top of the actual keypad and records the user's PIN. This overlay device is capturing the keystrokes replacing the need for a skimmer PIN camera.


New Style Keypad Overlay PIN Capture Device


Smaller-Sized Skimmer

The skimming device shown below is half the size than ones we have seen before and is not visible inside the card reader without disassembling.

Half-Sized Skimming Device


Recommendations for ATM Inspections

- Daily ATM checks
- Closely monitor ATM surveillance
- Make branch staff aware of the signs
- Compare an original image of your ATM to the current standing of your ATM
- Contact authorities immediately if suspicious activity occurs

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ATM Skimming Webinar Recording 2.10.2022


Security Guidance for All ATMs

Please be aware that these forms of attacks are an industry-wide issue and there is no way to 100% guarantee the protection of your ATMs and your customers. Criminals are constantly evolving the skimming devices to bypass the security in place, so it is important to have routine, daily ATM checks to look out for any signs of tampering.

The best way to prevent this type of attack is to closely monitor your ATM activity. We recommend having branch staff inspect each ATM every morning to look for signs of suspicious activity. It is important to also regularly review your security footage, as well to inspect for any suspicious activity at your ATMs.

Compare your current ATMs against an image of what the ATM originally looked like to see if any surface changes have been made to it. Feel around the surface of the fascia for any signs of raised surfaces that might indicate a tampered piece might be attached to the ATM. If you notice anything suspicious, please contact local authorities immediately to investigate, and follow up with FTSI to assist in a thorough security check on your ATM fleet.

Please share this information with your branch staff so that everyone is aware of what to be on the lookout for. 

To schedule an ATM skimming staff training by FTSI or to learn more about upgrading your ATMs to support contactless card transactions, please contact your FTSI Solutions Manager or to discuss the next steps.