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Increase Consumer Engagement with After-Hours Banking Options


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Meeting the diverse needs of your consumers includes an appointment banking strategy that is available when they need it. For people who are not able to visit or contact their financial institutions during business hours, appointment scheduling software provides them with an accessible solution, 24/7.  


Allowing people to schedule time with their financial institution when their needs are top-of-mind can engage more consumers since there is no risk of them forgetting by the time business hours roll around.  


Top-of-Mind Scheduling  

If they remember at 9pm on a weekend that they need to speak with a specialist at their bank or credit union, chances are they will forget by the time Monday morning business hours roll around. However, if they can schedule an appointment with just a few taps online or through a mobile app while their needs are top-of-mind, they’re more likely to do so.  


Optimized Experiences 

Giving consumers the opportunity to schedule appointments ahead of time can also help all parties prepare for the meeting. And, with skills-based routing, the software will route the appointment to the appropriate person automatically. Consumers can show up with all necessary paperwork when told in advance, and staff can be prepared on their end. As opposed to walk-ins, pre-scheduled appointments generally go faster, smoother, and keep consumers more satisfied with their experience. 


A Solution that Works Around the Clock

The L6 Appointment Management Solution enables your financial institution to:


  • Engage More Consumers
  • Increase Net Promoter Scores
  • Reduce No-Shows
  • Increase Conversion Rate
  • Gain Insights to Increase efficiencies Across the Branch Network
  • Reduce the Number of Times a Member has to Come Back for the Same Request


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