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Migrating to FTSI's Remote Management Solution (RMS)


Migrating to RMS


Read on for important news about FTSI’s Remote Management Solution (RMS) and its coming integration with your ATM/ITM fleet in Q1, 2024. We are proud to offer a better way to serve, update and provide enhanced visibility to your fleet. 


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About RMS 

RMS is designed to provide you with real-time data on your ATM/ITM fleet, revolutionizing how you manage incidents and updates. In our experience, financial institutions using RMS have seen substantial benefits, including significant cost savings, increased uptimes, and operational efficiency enhancements. It’s also worth noting that remote ATM/ITM management is quickly becoming the industry standard for fleets around the world. Key highlights of remote management of your fleet include: 


Resolving Incidents Remotely: Resolve 60-70% of incidents without the need to dispatch a technician, saving you time and resources. 

Reducing Downtime: RMS can cut downtime by over 10 hours per terminal every month, ensuring your ATMs/ITMs are always operational. 

Simplifying Service Coordination: Spend less time on calling and coordinating services, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks. 

Having Non-Disruptive Updates: Patch management is automatically scheduled overnight. 

Receiving Real-Time Insights: Receive instant, actionable notifications about your fleet. 


Our RMS ATM availability software will also give you a detailed look at your fleet’s status, helping you make more informed management decisions. 


A Smooth Migration Awaits 

To ensure a seamless migration to RMS, we'll be implementing this solution on a first-come, first-served basis. The official rollout is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024, with the project timeline dependent on the size of your fleet and other factors. 


Action Required 

We strongly encourage you to get ahead of the curve and ensure timely implementation by initiating the process of RMS migration now. To kickstart the migration and to ensure smooth transition, please reach out to your dedicated sales representative. (If you do not know your representative or are new to FTSI, you can contact us here.)


Watch the RMS Webinar On-Demand Now 

As part of our commitment to providing you with comprehensive insights into RMS, we invite you to replay the webinar on-demand. We delve deep into RMS implementation, its features, and its transformative functionality. 


We're also delighted to announce our guest speakers, Christina Balch, IT Analyst at Redwood Credit Union, and Jose Valasrod, Operations Administrator at Bay Federal Credit Union, who will share their firsthand experiences with RMS. Christina and Jose will shed light on how this solution has reshaped their operations, providing valuable insights that you can apply to your own institution. During the webinar, you'll: 


  •   Understand the key features of RMS and how they are used in ATM fleet management 
  •   Hear from two financial institutions utilizing RMS and what their experience has been like 
  •   Learn how RMS can be used to cut costs, increase uptimes, and improve operation efficiencies 


We invite you to be fully informed on the enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and elevated service standards that come along with RMS. 

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