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Revolutionizing Financial Institution Security: Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Implements AI Weapons Detection

Revolutionizing Financial Institution Security: Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union Implements AI Weapons Detection

AEYE Defend & Cy-Fair FCU


In response to modern security threats, Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union has decided on the implementation and deployment of AEYE Defend. This groundbreaking AI weapons detection platform is poised to redefine the standards of safety within financial institutions, offering a turnkey proactive approach to threat detection and response.  


What’s New in Financial Institution Security 

At the heart of this initiative lies AEYE Defend, an advanced AI and machine learning program that transforms existing video surveillance cameras into a fully autonomous weapons detection platform. The platform's capabilities include a comprehensive suite of features designed to detect, locate, and respond to weapons-related threats with the highest accuracy in the industry. 


Leveraging existing CCTV cameras and feeds, AEYE Defend swiftly identifies potential threats and dispatches real-time alerts to administrators and authorized personnel, facilitating rapid response and incident mitigation. 


Scalability and Versatility 

One of AEYE Defend's distinguishing attributes is its scalability and versatility, rendering it suitable for financial institutions of all sizes and complexities. Whether it's a small credit union or a multinational bank, AEYE Defend adapts seamlessly to diverse environments and security needs, offering tailored solutions to each institution. This adaptability ensures that all financial entities, regardless of their scale, can benefit from the platform's life-saving capabilities. 


Data Sovereignty and Privacy 

In an era where data privacy and security are growing concerns, AEYE Defend prioritizes the protection of sensitive information. By employing advanced 256-bit encryption and storing all footage on-premises, the platform ensures the highest level of data sovereignty and confidentiality. This commitment to privacy extends to the platform's proactive approach, which safeguards against privacy invasion and generative data mining, ensuring that all data generated remains within the organization's control. 


Geo-Tracking and Accuracy 

AEYE Defend's geo-tracking capabilities allow administrators and authorities to mobilize with precision and speed at the first sign of a weapon-related threat, enabling swift neutralization. With a 95.6% detection accuracy rate and the lowest false positives in the industry, the platform delivers unparalleled reliability in threat detection. Furthermore, AEYE Defend's real-time alerts automatically notify relevant parties upon detecting a weapon, enabling prompt and decisive action. 


Cy-Fair FCU: A Vanguard in Security Innovation 

For Cy-Fair FCU, the decision to implement AEYE Defend stems from a commitment to safety and community welfare. Inspired by the proactive security measures adopted by their local school district, Cy-Fair FCU recognized the applicability of AEYE Defend's solution to their own security needs. By partnering with FTSI, Cy-Fair FCU has enhanced its security infrastructure and is proactively safeguarding its members and staff. 


Join the Discussion 

To hear more about Cy-Fair FCU's implementation of AEYE Defend and explore its implications for financial institution security, join us for a live discussion on May 2nd, 2024, at 11 a.m. PT.  



This engaging session will feature insights from Cameron Dickey, President & CEO of Cy-Fair FCU, Said Bilani, Founder & CEO of 21st Century AEYE. Register now to be part of this dialogue, get your questions answered, and discover how AEYE Defend is reshaping the landscape of financial security.