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Using an Enhanced Self Service (ESS) ATM Strategy to Gain Efficiencies


 ESS ATM Rally Case Study Article


Successful financial institutions are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experiences while optimizing operational costs. One way to easily gain efficiencies and offer a modern experience to your consumers is through an Enhanced Self Service (ESS) ATM strategy. 

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ESS via Core Integration: Transforming the Banking Experience 

ESS via core integration offers financial institutions the opportunity to revolutionize the consumer experience while simultaneously streamlining costs. By seamlessly connecting ATM/ITM terminals directly to the core banking system, financial institutions provide their customers with a unified experience across all channels, enabling access to all accounts and services from a single platform. 


Key Benefits of Implementing ESS via Core Integration 

Implementing ESS via core integration delivers a multitude of benefits that modern consumers now expect, including accessibility and streamlined experiences: 


  • 360-Degree View for Your Consumers: With ESS, consumers gain access to a broader range of account types and services at ATM/ITM terminals. They can perform a variety of transactions, including check cashing, transfers between accounts, balance inquiries, loan payments, and credit line advances, all at their convenience. 


  • More Authentication Methods: ESS introduces additional authentication methods at ATM/ITM terminals, such as one-time mobile passcodes, biometrics, mobile wallets, and NFC. This aligns with changing consumer preferences, especially as mobile payments become more commonplace, both in retail spaces and through mobile apps. 


  • Lowered Costs and Increased Efficiencies: Core integration facilitates the transition of more transaction types to self-directed service, resulting in reduced operational costs and improved consumer service. It also liberates banks and credit unions from NDC switch constraints, granting consumers access to a broader range of services. As a result, employees can focus on more complex tasks, reducing their workload. 



Maximizing ATM Efficiencies 

Apart from ESS, maximizing your fleet’s potential is a priority for banks and credit unions. Financial institutions like Rally Credit Union have seen great results and increased transactions from offering well-placed, self-service ATMs. Here are some strategies to consider: 


  • Location Matters: Placing your ATM in high-traffic areas, such as malls, convenience stores, gas stations, and busy intersections, can significantly increase revenue. Ensure the ATM is visible from the street to attract more consumers. 



  • Offer Diverse Functions: Select ATMs that cater to your community’s preferences, whether it's cashing checks or speaking with live tellers at the terminal. 


  • Consult Professionals: Collaborating with experienced ATM installation service providers can provide valuable guidance on machine selection, placement, and ongoing maintenance. 


  • Promote Your ATM Fleet Locations: Market your fleet. Use social media, flyers, marketing/branding screens, and other promotional materials to advertise your ATM locations. Consider running special promotions during peak buying seasons. 


  • Maintain and Upgrade: Regular maintenance keeps your fleet functioning smoothly. Upgrading to newer models or implementing a Remote Management Solution (RMS) can accommodate modern conveniences and keep your uptimes high. 


Using Maximum ATM Potential to Attract and Retain Consumers 

Enhancing the self-service experience through ESS and optimizing ATM placement strategies are essential for financial institutions looking to boost their profitability. By maintaining and placing ATMs with self-service features in convenient locations, institutions can successfully expand their branches, attract more customers, and increase revenue. 


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Partnering with FTSI for Trustworthy Solutions 

With over 25 years of experience, FTSI has been a trusted partner for financial institutions, guiding them through the strategic planning and implementation of ESS via core integration and strategy for their hardware fleets. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with customers to ensure timely deliverables and smooth transitions across all branches.