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What Financial Institutions Can Learn from Pro Snowboarder Jeremy Jones


Jeremy Jones ExCITE 2023 Article


In a captivating keynote session that resonated beyond the slopes, professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones shared insights that transcend the world of extreme sports. At FTSI’s annual ExCITE event this month, Jones’s presentation delved into key themes of innovation, resiliency, and team dynamics, offering a unique perspective for financial leaders. 

Navigating New Territory: Jones emphasized the importance of innovation and resiliency, drawing parallels between snowboarding's evolution and the financial landscape. Encouraging financial institutions to keep an open mind, he highlighted the significance of nurturing experimental phases to prepare for future challenges.


 JJ at ExCITE 2023


Risk-Taking and Collaboration: One standout lesson centered on risk-taking and experimentation within a safe environment. No stranger to creating and facing unique snowboarding challenges – whether on the mountain or on city streets - Jones emphasized the power of putting the right people together as a team, underlining that innovation isn't a deliberate decision but a collective flow of ideas within a dynamic team. Great minds, he noted, collaborate in the right place at the right time.


Leadership and Team Communication: Addressing leadership dynamics, Jones stressed the importance of passionate leaders within a team. He noted that true leaders recognize when to step down and let others take the lead, emphasizing the need for effective team communication and resilience during challenging times, on the slopes and in the boardroom. 


Recovery and Reinvention: Drawing on personal experiences, Jones shared a powerful narrative about an avalanche incident that tested his team's resiliency. He highlighted the emotional and raw aspects of facing challenges, parallel to the narrative within financial institutions. Reinvention, he noted, is key when things don't work out, emphasizing that strong roots run deep. 


Facing the Avalanche: Jones recounted a harrowing experience when he and ten others were consumed by a large avalanche in the Utah backcountry. Sharing this tale, he aims to help others navigate personal challenges. His message underscores the reality that what doesn't kill you doesn't always make you stronger; it's the choices made during and after the battle that truly define strength.  


Jeremy Jones: A Snowboarding Pioneer: As a professional snowboarder for over two decades, Jeremy Jones has been a pioneer, pillar, and relentless innovator in the sport. Beyond his world-class snowboarding talent, his contributions to product design and company success have proven invaluable. Despite numerous accolades, Jones remains driven by passion, always striving to create the best season's video part.