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Why Upgrade Your Fleet with Activate Enterprise Now?

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Keeping up with hardware and software upgrades enables financial institutions to provide the most secure, seamless experiences for consumers. With the end-of-life coming for NCR’s 30 Series, Edge, and USN, now is the time to make upgrades to your fleet. Here’s why... 


End of Life, End of Support 

Soon, there will be limited to no support for old hardware and software, potentially interrupting your user experiences and increasing downtimes. 


Increased Hardware and Maintenance Costs

With no new parts being manufactured for this hardware, maintenance costs and parts availability will be greatly affected. Costs will increase and aftermarket parts will be difficult to locate, leaving machines down for extended periods of time. 


Watch the webinar now > Migrating to Activate Enterprise 


30 Series Hardware End of Life

Replacing NCR’s 30 Series with the innovative 80 Series provides a more modern, updated experience for consumers. While FTSI will continue to service 30 Series machines, sourcing hardware parts will become increasingly difficult, updates and enhancements to features and functionalities will be limited, and uptime will be negatively impacted.


The 80 Series offers a better user interface, improved uptime, and decreased maintenance costs. The 80 Series also has new and improved modern aesthetics. 


For financial institutions looking to reduce the burdens of managing multiple vendors, never ending upgrades, and ongoing maintenance, FTSI offers turnkey ATM as a Service (ATMaaS) and an existing fleet buyout at book value. 


Edge and USN Software End of Support

ATMs running on Edge and ITMs running on USN will no longer receive critical security patches and updates, and no additional functionality will be supported, meaning it’s time to consider upgrading to Activate Enterprise. Old machines are often targeted by criminals as they know security is lacking, meaning skimming, jackpotting, and other modes of attack are more likely to happen.


Activate Enterprise Solves it All

Activate Enterprise provides ATM, video teller, and enhanced self-service functionality in a single application. This provides consumers with a convenient and friendly user interface, while giving financial institutions more control over their user experiences.  


Built for Windows 10, Activate Enterprise is designed for modern touchscreens and supports the most advanced ATM/ITM and security solutions. The multi-vendor capabilities allow financial institutions to reduce costs and offer a consistent user experience across multiple hardware manufacturers.


     - Single Application Reducing Costs 

Activate Enterprise acts as a single application for ATMs and ITMs, reducing both costs and time spent managing your fleet.


      - Bill Mix 

Also included in Activate Enterprise is advanced bill-selection functionality, a feature that easily allows consumers to choose their denominations when withdrawing cash. 


      - Marketing & Communication 

Activate Enterprise features intuitive marketing and communications tools not previously seen in Edge and USN to enhance the consumer’s experience with your brand.


For example, you can easily insert your brand’s messaging and advertising content into the attract sequence or into the transaction screens with full or part-screen coverage.  


This is compatible with NCR Marketing Base and Premium, enabling more advanced features like eReceipts, preferences, and targeted messaging/marketing. 


     - Contactless Cards, Cardless Mobile Wallet 

Activate Enterprise supports contactless cards and cardless mobile wallet transactions.* More retail spaces, restaurants, event venues, and various other businesses are now offering tap-to-pay options, and consumers expect the same contactless card convenience from their ATMs/ITMs.   


     - Smooth Transitions   

Migrating to Activate Enterprise for existing Edge/USN users is a simple and quick process. Activate Enterprise is also ATMIA next generation ready, allowing for a smooth evolution of the ATM channel. 



Activate Enterprise is a best-in-class ATM software designed to help you get the most from your ATM/ITM fleet and is the next evolution of the modern ATM channel. Watch NCR’s Software Specialist Christian Pontalti and Channel Account Manager Charles Lee, as we discuss these coming hardware and software changes and what they mean for your fleet


*Contactless cards and cardless mobile wallet feature are network dependent, please consult with your network provider.