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The Positive Impact of Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) in Financial Institution Branches


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Teller cash recyclers (TCRs) are automated machines designed for use in bank and credit union branches. They are equipped with advanced technology that automates tasks related to cash handling, including counting and sorting bills as well as dispensing and accepting cash deposits in specified amounts.  


TCRs can positively change the way your employees interact and engage with consumers by improving efficiency, reducing errors, mitigating fraud, and reducing costs. 


Improved Efficiency for Bank and Credit Union Branches 

TCRs can improve operational efficiencies and accuracy in cash-handling processes. By automating tasks like sorting, counting, auditing, depositing, and withdrawing with a high degree of accuracy, TCRs can reduce the amount of time and effort required by employees to perform cash handling tasks manually.  


This frees up tellers and branch personnel, letting them focus on providing high-quality customer service, rather than spending time on these tasks. Automation with TCRs also dramatically reduces branch start-of-day, end-of-day, and balancing procedures. 


Reduce in-Branch Error and Fraud and Improve Accuracy

In addition to improving branch efficiency, the use of TCRs can also help to reduce the potential for human errors and fraud. Because TCRs automatically count and sort bills, there is virtually no room for human error, ensuring that manual cash transactions are processed accurately and securely. 


Some TCRs also have self-auditing capabilities, reducing teller and branch personnel time in manually counting drawers. Additionally, they can be integrated with your core or automation platforms directly to fit any need. 


Improve Security and Mitigate Risks of Cash Handling 

Another benefit of TCRs is overall improved security for branches. TCRs can store large amounts of cash, reducing the need for employees to carry around large amounts of currency or liability from the teller drawer and vault.  


TCRs keep cash secure and tracked, reducing the risk of theft or loss and making branches a safer place for both customers and employees. 


Reduce Costs with TCRs 

TCRs can conduct balancing operations and prepping deposits, resulting in significant time and labor savings. This, along with mitigating the risk of stolen or miscounted cash, costs can be greatly reduced.  


Cash automation with TCRs in bank and credit union branches can have several positive impacts to both consumer and employee experience. By improving efficiency, accuracy, and security, TCRs can help to create a better experience for both customers and employees. 


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