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Modern Branch and ATM Security Solutions: Are You Protected?


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Security is of top concern for financial institutions and their consumers. As in-person experiences for banks and credit unions change and evolve, so must security solutions. 


Branch Security  
Financial branches are traditionally a high security risk, since virtually anybody can walk through the doors. So, while open-concept floor plans and 24/7 access to your lobby is convenient for all, these modern and comfortable designs must also be highly secure, posing unique challenges for financial institutions. 


It is wise for every financial institution to re-examine their security efforts on a regular basis, and to reach out for expert advice. In general, a comprehensive security solution for a financial institution’s branch may include: 


  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Biometric/Digital Identification
  • Lighting Surveys
  • Commercial Drawers
  • Entrance Security Vestibules
  • Night Depositories
  • Burglary-Resistive Safes
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Modular Vaults/Vault Doors
  • Bullet-Resistive Windows
  • Audio/Video Solutions
  • Undercounter Solutions
  • Infection Prevention Solutions
  • Health Surveillance Solutions

All financial institutions pose their own unique security challenges, which is why it’s important to receive a site survey or consultation from an expert in the financial security field who understands local threats and how to mitigate them. An expert can help to identify gaps in your current security systems or even design a plan from scratch to cover all areas. 


ATM Security  
ATMs are a prime target for criminals, and attacks are only growing by the day. Fraud, robberies, and other security breaches are unfortunately common at ATM locations around the world.  


Keeping your consumers safe and protecting your fleet involves focusing ATM security efforts to protect against physical, hardware, and software attacks. Whether it’s skimming, brute force attacks like hook-and-chain, etc., there are security solutions for all types of ATM threats. 


There are many ways to protect your fleet from physical attacks, mitigating risk to both property and life. An integrated mix of solutions is best for a holistic defense against attacks. These include:


  • Integrated Alarm & Surveillance Solutions
  • Safe Slot Reinforcement Kits
  • Security Gates
  • Anchoring Systems
  • GPS Devices
  • ATM Armor
  • Cash Degradation
  • Lighting Surveys

ATM Card Protection Solutions 
To protect against skimming and keep consumers’ information safe, consider the following solutions for your fleet: 


Keeping an ATM security checklist and using it daily is an important practice, as well as making all staff aware of different types of ATM attacks and their warning signs. Keeping your consumers/members informed on what to watch out for to protect themselves and their information is another way to mitigate the effects of these attacks.  


Protecting your branch and ATM fleet starts with a consultation, to give security experts a full picture of your operations, strengths, and potential threats. It’s also important to ensure your ATMs are fully up to date with any hardware or software updates recommended by your vendor or ATM manufacturer.


Join FTSI’s conversation available on demand now, as Chad Wilson, Vice President of Operations, and Gary Guerrero, Senior Vice President of Electronic Security Sales, chat with guest speaker Ricky Rodriquez, Senior Vice President of FirstCapital Bank of Texas, to discuss current criminal trends affecting branches and ATMs and share photos of what our technicians are currently seeing in the field.